The last two posts, and probably a lot of them, sounded too preachy. I just want everyone to know that I am speaking to myself more than to anyone else–I don’t want to be flaky, and I don’t want to get diabetic foot ulcers that turn gangrenous.

Oh- NYE goals:

1. Make it through nursing school, pass boards, get a job. I got a 90 and a 95 on quizzes. I need to study more rhough–I don’t study enough which leads to more stress.

2. Do 50 situps a night for winter quarter: I haven’t done them EVERY night  but I always make them up by doing 100 the next night except tonight when I had to make up 2 nights so I did 150. So I need to get back in the game. I have been doing some pushups as well.

3. Only eat homemade cookies and pastries (exception for dessert with really fancy dinners): Oh! I forgot about this one- I did have a cookie at clinical- this will stop. I did make a half batch of some fantastic cookies and I ate them. This is a good one- I will keep on it.

4. Work on my insecurities (ie gain confidence–I have a private plan for this) because when I get stressed they rear a very ugly head. Work in progress. Feeling a bit better about this now that I am IN the quarter. It should have been more specific like say 5 things a day that I like about myself or something. hmmm…

5. Learn all the presidents in order and all the states and state capitals in order: Haven’t started yet. Spring break fun!!!


One thought on “me….

  1. #5: and I’ll be there to help you because Great Aunt Marguerite–her with the shrunken soul–made us learn them in the 5th grade, and sniffed if we buggered them up. Though, I tend to forget but that will be something to occupy conversation to and from the subway.

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