I hate it when people are late or flake. We all do it every once and awhile but after the age of 25 I think people should commit or don’t. Anyway I read my friend Vi’s blog and from her blog I found Jewlia Goulia’s blog–a woman who has really done amazing things is the past year. She and Vi are both inspirational!

I have dumped boyfriends and friends because of how often they back out of commitments. I understand that sometimes shit happens but if it happens over and over–if you say yes but I can depend on you to be a no-show–then what’s the point of the relationship? I am passive agressive- its in my genes, but at some point you have to realize and be up front about what you want, or can, do.

Julia wrote a blog that best describes how I feel about flakes–you can read it here.


3 thoughts on “wishywashy….

  1. Is it flaky people or flaky behavior? I couldn’t get the blog page to come up. I tend to adjust to the behavior, recognize that we all have it sometimes, depending how much stress is going on in our lives which causes schisms in what we want to do and have to do and just plain do. But, flaky people have passive aggressive issues with the relationship; it is best to realize this early on and let go, find other relationships because it just isn’t worth it.

  2. lmsanderswilcox says:

    Sometimes its flaky behavior but some people do it over and over. Its the same with being late all the time-

  3. claire says:

    My friend and I are working on a theory re this. Basically everyone in California who grew up here is a flake. Hmmm.

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