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organ wave….

I was driving on the 101 by Capital Records and a motorcycle started pacing me. I looked over–sure I was doing something wrong–but instead of a single finger I got a smile and a wave. The dude flipped up his shield and winked.

Not knowing what to do I frowned and stared ahead so he zoomed off.

BUT DUDE! As much as I like a smile, a wink and a wave; as an ICU nurse I only see your organ donation potential on that motorcycle.

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Pool time….


It’s Pool Time!!! Sorry all you NW peeps that have to wait till late July but in SoCal pool time has started. Actually, it started a month ago when we could ‘lay by’ the pool. Gradually that became ‘toe in’ the pool, then ‘steps’, then ‘waist in’ the pool, then ‘quick frigid lap’ across the pool with your head out, then ;less quick frigid lap across’ the pool with your head out. BUT TODAY! TODAY, was fully underwater swim around like a porpoise pool time!!!

This is awesome–especially since I feel weightless in the pool AND less like a whale. Funny because I actually look MORE like a whale in the pool 🙂

Now I need some new pool toys! Like this and this and this and this and this!

Will you come blow them up for me???….

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