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Above is Reykjavik, Iceland. Such a good trip.

Things I am obsessing with:

1. Homemade Microwave Popcorn. I LOVE popcorn. Lately, I have been in a popcorn drought.  I don’t like making it on the stove cause it get super oily and ruins pans and we don’t have room for an air popper. I know I am late to the game but I just read this NY Times article and it blew my mind. You mean I don’t have to get chemicalsaltladen microwave popcorn??? I can make it myself in a paper bag for cheaper??? This is awesome.

2. Oregon Truffle Oil. For my popcorn. After reading reviews online I found out that most truffle oil is just chemicals in olive oil. I don’t care–I like the way it tastes and I NEED it for my abovementioned popcorn. To try nonchemical truffle oil and support my homestate Oregon I ordered this.

3. Frozen fruit and pineapple. Sometimes, after dinner, I really want dessert. Sometimes, before dinner, I really want dessert. This is hard because our building is surrounded by amazing dessert places (we live one block from a place called Syrup) that I am trying to leave for special occasions. However, we always have frozen fruit around because we are obsessed with morning smoothies (healthy, no sugar added meal replacements for me). Lately, if I am in treat mode I dig into the frozen pineapple. I grab a tiny bowl and eat it piece by piece–usually do half pineapple and half blue berries. Frozen pineapple (we get it from TJs) is super good.

4. Boxing. Still boxing at Gym Box. Sometimes I stay for 2 classes in a row and its fun but solidly kicks my ass. I took last night off because my thighs needed convalescing. We did a bunch of squats then squats combined with half squats. I also hurt my hand because I was punching enthusiastically and correctly but got tired and punched really hard and really wrong and hit my last knuckle (you should punch only with your first two knuckles). It hurt pretty fing bad but now its better.

5. I cut my hair off. My hair was awesome but I always wore it up so I decided to cut it off. I also will have a commute in the morning + 12 shift. Anything that cuts down getting ready time is awesome and leaves a great chance of getting 8hours of sleep. Short hair is easier. I am kind of obsessive about it too–I might go shorter. If I go shorter I would balance it out with lots of bright lipstick. One can never have enough bright lipstick.

6. Job. I am obsessed. I think about it all day and, too often, all night. I will be so happy when it starts on Monday. I just wish I could shut that part of my brain down until then and sleep more.



We started watching the Oscars last night but it was pretty blah and the dresses were blah-hasbeendoneoverandover-mermaid. So we stopped paying attention and I watched an old episode of Bones–LOVE THAT SHOW!

Sometimes, unlike the self-congratulatory Oscars, I fail to recognized I need attention. Even if I know I need attention, I am not good at being direct and have a hard time asking for attention. This is not cool.

Instead of saying ‘I need attention’ I let things fester. My crazyass-ex-stepmom was right with one thing: I bottle things up until I am a huge explosive volcano. My eruption (hee hee–that word is super funny) usually involves a lot of stomping and crying and shaking and shrills.

This happened yesterday. Instead of saying ‘W, I need some attention.’ I cried and stomped and had to put myself in a corner and read my book for a couple hours. It is not okay–there are bunch of endless things I am trying to work on and being direct is one of them.

Tears are pretty amazing things though–they rid your body of built up of hormones. That’s why its feels good to cry and its also pretty exhausting. Yep, I am pretty exhausted and calm now.

I cannot wait until I start working again. Can you tell I do not function well with unemployment?


Before I begin I feel I should mention I just sucked mango margarita off my keyboard.

I feel with (uncounted) unemployment comes a lot of obsessions that otherwise may be put to the back burner. I am documenting them here.

1. Grocery Shopping I love it. There are three farmers markets (wed, thur, friday) all within 5 blocks of my house and Grand Central Market which is AH-MA-ZING (see Happy Endings). I love buying veggies and more veggies. I feel our loft is empty if we do not have a continuous supply of limes and lemons and.

2. Grapefruit I love it. I eat one a day–I don’t care if I get grapefruit sweats or whatever it is when you eat to much.

3. Avocado I love it. Fucking 47 cents each. INSANE!

4. The Los Angeles Flower Market I love it. I have banned myself from it otherwise I would go every day and though cheap I am (uncounted) unemployed. You know me but do you know that if I were rich and could just flush money like toilet paper I would open a flower shop? I love flowers. I love cut flowers because they exist only to be frivolously beautiful.

5. Gymbox LA I love it. Okay so I only joined last week so we have to see if this affair will last but I love how the owner and employees are SO BOXERS. This isn’t any aerobic kick boxing–which kicks my ass by itself–but REAL boxing with 150lb bags. They wrap your hands and then you put on gloves. Despite the gloves and wraps I still busted my knuckles open the first night. I also couldn’t walk for 4 days but that is besides the point. I hate working out unless it means  feeling like I am going to die and this gym follows that line. Plus a dude named BULLDOG wrapped my hands! A fighter named BULLDOG!!!!!

6. The Above Bowl I love it. It was my Great Aunt Mary’s. Its china but I looked up the brand and couldn’t find anything similar. At first I brought it home with me just because it seemed so much like her but now I am obsessed with it apart from her. I think it is the best thing I have ever seen. I constantly rearrange fruit in it or my orchid that I purchased at the flower market. I fucking love it.

7. DTLA I love it. W’s cowoker is a downtown LA (DTLA) expert. Like Phd expert, and he gave us an amazing tour full of hidden highlights. I love it. DTLA, both old and new, is so unique and holds so much to be seen. Do you realize that I live next to Skid Row–THE Skid Row. Its not like that but I am doing volunteer training at a women’s center on Skid Row about 10 blocks from my house and it runs essentially between there and where I live. It’s sad. Hard. But there are so many amazing individual things about LA that I did not know before–especially DTLA. I love it. If you visit I will take you on this (its a couple blocks from our house).

8. Cutting For Stone I love it. I am reading it. It is good and highly recommended. I want to start a book club–want to join?

9. My Lovely San Soon I love it. Upon the recommendation of Thu, who started my love for Kdramas, I started watching this show. It is awesome. Any show that starts with the main character getting drunk and being carried by the main dude then drunk peeing on the main dude is awesome. I highly recommend it. Also–as Reading Rainbow said–don’t take my word for it; HALF of Korea watched the final episode. HALF. That is a pipe dream for all other shows!!

10. Street food I love it. Growing up in the NW is pretty fucking idyllic but it offers innocence when it comes to street food. Wait, what about bougie PDX carts? No–those are essentially restaurants operating as carts for tax evasion purposes. I mean REAL street food. I mean CHEAP get-to-the-point-of-amazing street food. I mean Anthony Bourdain street food.  I mean the shack in the parking lot behind my building that sells CAFEconPAN for $1. Tacos are $1.50 and Tamles $1 each. I mean Philly cheesesteak delis where the owner knows your name, your dog, ALL you business and sandwiches are $5. I mean corn roasting on the sidewalk served with mayo and spices. I mean all the food we ate in Nicaragua, Mexico, and even Iceland. Next on the list (street-food wise) is Seoul. Man, the street food on kdramas looks AH-MA-ZING: chicken feet and pork skin–I have had both and freshly cooked on the sidewalk sounds fucking good.


Do you know that since I quit my job to go to school but am now unemployed that I don’t count in unemployment statistics? I think thats right but correct me if I am wrong. I think some experts (not sure where I heard this) say that unemployment is 9% its really around 15%. That seems pretty bad.

So I am unemployed. No health insurance. I hope that changes soon. It reminds me of when I was in college to age 26ish when I also had no insurance and when I used Planned Parenthood as my healthcare. I know I know–I am trying to stay nonpolitical on the internet but there are some things I can’t shut up about: human rights (whether race, gender, or sexual orientation–we are all the same and should be equally allowed to do whatever consenting humans can do), healthcare, and the environment. This is healthcare.

Sure–I gave them $$ when I went but nowhere near actual costs of prescriptions, labs, exams. I have to say, from my experience, they were the best lady-part/std screening care I have ever had. They would be very blunt with me–like statistically I didn’t need to get tested for HIV but I did anyway and they liked that. They knew that maigraines and estrogen based birth control are a no-no (some docs don’t). The gave me condoms and Plan B. They took care of me.

So Susan G. Komen is going to be Qwikster if they don’t watch out. Planned Parenthood stepped in for me and many others who have struggled through these depressed economic times–we don’t like it when you fuck with our support! We may ignore your tea parties and your crazy nominees but when you start touching my home, my organization. I get pissed.

There are a lot of us too. Have you used Planned Parenthood?

In the waiting rooms of Planned Parenthood there is usually a journal. It is so people waiting can anonymously write whatever they want. I have written in and read those journals. The stories in them can break your heart. The patients at Planned Parenthood are facing tough times combined with hard experiences and Planned Parenthood is one of a few organizations that stand up and take care of them no matter what it is, no judgement passed. That is how healthcare should be.

I just needed to say that. And as I said on FB–Planned Parenthood taught me how to feel up my boobs the right way and that is how most breast cancer is caught. So Susan G. Komen foundation–please rethink your decision.


been so long….

That is a line from a Vetiver song that I was listening to on the drive to PDX. So yes, I am here. So many people said that Th and I HAULED ASS but honestly all there was to do was drive and visit. A lot has happened to both of us and we had much to chat about.

So I also went to Iceland and back. So much, soooooo many pictures. I will show you soon. But I have to figure out my life for the next month, the next…well…forever as too so it may take a minute.

Also. Job hunting sucks. Job hunting for new grad nurse positions in LA is horrible. Over 3000 people applied for the few positions UCLA was offering. Blah.

stuff and stuff….

I am a nurse. Frikin-A it was a painful process. As Tina Fey says–nothing like coal mining but painful for me. Alot of blood poop and tears.  The blood and the poop weren’t mine though…for the most part. Wow–I can’t believe that part of my life is over.

DO you want me to explain how boards goes? Okay! So you enter a testing center–pretty official with all the cheating speeches and such–you can only bring in your ID, not even any gum. You have to raise your hands to take a break. Then you get your assigned computer and start. You get a mininmum of 75 questions and a maximum of 265 questions. People who fail get around 50% right and people who pass get 50% right. Wait how does that work?? So these are super smart computers and it can tell if you are getting stuff right and will make the questions harder or wrong and will make the questions easier and it will test you until it feels it can gauge whether you should pass or fail. There is no percentage right or anything. So if you get 75 it means the computer decided you are super awesome or super horrible (you won’t know till later). If you get 265 then it means it took forever to make up its mind. I got 75 questions and I passed so that means I rocked it! WOoo! I bet most Drexel Acers did though–Drexel may have been an asshole in many regards but the one thing they do teach you is how to test well.


I am seeing Bjork in Iceland. This is a BIG deal. W is even coming with me and is excited too. He doesn’t really get her (he is so very straight-laced and likes things like punk and rap and refers to my music as WEIRD hipster crap from 2006–he is right) BUT he is excited about going because he recognizes that she is extremely talented and will put on an amazing show. Besides since we are going I told him we didn’t have to go on Icelandic Pony rides and he is REALLY excited about that….I may have lied….  😉

Anyway we leave next Wednesday and I am getting SO EXCITED! Rocky is going to stay home and hang out with his buddy Gabe–a hound mix–and by hangout I mean Gabe will look out the window or lay in the Strawberry bed outside while Rocky eats all his food. Its a relationship that works for both of them.

SOrry for my lower than usual posting. I know you miss the 3xday posts– But I got sick. I hate being sick and it was payback for not really getting sick this year. I was out. It sucks.

This is me being sick: “Whhaaaaaahhh…my face hurts and my nose hurts and my body hurts and I hurt and this sucks…am I dying…I must be dying…Is my nose going to fall off…it itches…I need to sneeze but I can’t!!!……aaaahhhhhh!!!”

W finally got me to use Afrin after years (our whole relationship) of me poopooing it. It is wonderful–a gift from the gods that clears sinuses….don’t use it, its addictive. I have on occasion called  W an Afrin-head and asked if he is getting the ‘shakes.’ It is not addictive like that but you can get crazy rebound congestion…I have that now. My Pharm teacher was super against it…that she brought it up even means that its pretty bad. SO don’t use it. BUT IT MAKES YOUR SINUSES SING WITH JOY AND CLARITY!

So as soon as we get back from Iceland I leave Philadelphia for good. Its sad :(. I have to basically pack our whole house in the remaining days before we leave on our trip. W packed most of his stuff already and the house is looking pretty empty and less homey. I will seriously miss this city but that is a whole post in itself…

just say no (no animals or computers were harmed in the making of this blog post)….

to pillow fights. W and I got all pumped while watching Wednesday night TV last night. Such good TV!

What do 32 year olds do when pumped??? We act like 8 year olds. Which is fine except for 32 year olds have more expensive stuff.

What happened was this: W threw a pillow at Rocky’s head. Rocky really doesn’t mind because he has a hard head and this was a super soft pillow; he just thinks its another form of petting. Actually, I don’t even think he woke up for this at all. So, of course, I threw the pillow back at W. W launched one again at Rocky’s head and this time I blocked it and screamed ‘STOP ABUSING YOUR DOG!’ Rocky snored.

This pillow fight devolved into lots of pillows being thrown at Rocky’s head with super elaborate blocks and throw backs and W adding tricky counter throws and MAN it got complicated and exciting and it was PILLOW WAR!!

The other thing you have to understand is that this fight was from our L sectional with W on one side and me defending (still snoring) Rocky on the other. Pillows were flying OVER our coffee table that was full of various drinks including my home made berry milk (I didn’t want hot coacoa because the chocolate would keep me awake). The other thing you have to understand is that we keep our computers on the lower shelf of the coffee table. The final thing you have to understand is that I killed W’s computer last year–well I had nothing to do with its death but it died on my watch and NOTHING was recoverable and I felt/feel sooooooo bad about it.

The inevitable happened. I blocked W’s throw with a throw of my own and the pillows slammed into the berry milk and splashed it across the living room and all over W’s gorgeous, brand new, mac book pro. We both froze for a sec then I ran to grab towels and W lifted up his poor baby (the laptop not Rocky). We mopped everything up–twice, berry milk can be sticky and luckily the macbook was aok! Phew! Rocky was still snoring.

The lesson: don’t get into pillow fights when you are 32 years old–your shit is too expensive! OR if you do, make sure all expensive stuff is out of the room and you might as well move all the sentimental breakables too.


italian market….

I love markets. True, the one we went to in Nicaragua scared the shit out of me—dark paths through crowded booths, trash everywhere, board bridges over sludge, we were the only tourists, and our Kamikaze cab driver asking over and over ‘You really want to go there??? You sure? I don’t think you should go there. I will wait for you.” But I love them. I love wandering around endless amounts of produce. Philadelphia has the best markets I’ve been to.

In Philly you actually shop for your food at markets. Don’t get me wrong–I like a good farmers market but the produce is always so insanely expensive. The Italian Market, in Philly, isn’t like that. Some produce may be bumped or bruised and you may have to eat it sooner rather than weeks later like super market produce BUT it is so cheap so so cheap. So cheap that a lot of people shop here: buy their produce at stalls then visit the butcher, pasta, or cheese shopslining the street. We try to go once a week but it was too hot in the summer but now I hope to up the visits.

Here is what I bought today

1 basket of cucumbers (10 cucs): $1

1 basket of oranges (5 oranges): $1

4 avocados: $2 (I have not seen them less than $2 each in Philly at stores).

3lbs of black grapes: $2.99

2 grapefruits: $1

So cheap!

w picked too good bottle of wine….

Some sort of spanish something. It is so perfect. Sweet but not too sweet or harsh; so good…perfect. He had 1 glass and I couldn’t help but finish the bottle while watching the 1st Kim Kardashian wedding episode in the WILDS of West Virginia and he snores with Rocky who also snores.

I am one to be super negative when others talk about how awesome fall is in non-disedious trees turn red but OHMIGOD West Virginia is so pretty and so perfect and I SAW A WOODCHUCK; 2 WOODCHUCKS! I imagine these woods where we are staying (completely due to W’s ambition) will look on fire in two weeks with turning colors. Still, even still green they are gorgeous!

The sounds. Fuck, great.

I am sooooo city after doing my time country. I will always be city. But this reminds me of the perfect times. The crickets, the wild birds. So perfect.

AND our cabin is so tiny and cute–500 sq feet (with a loft) and perfect layout with 1 bdrm. CABLE! I combine this with bitchingly demanding that I walk 2 miles home directly uphill to get my cardio (had I known how long I would have cried and given up. BUT IT IS SO AWESOME!!! IF you want our (W’s) contact I strongly recommend them! EASTCOASTERS!!!!

ALSO–please enter my contest!!!


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With my teammate ShH, I did the Urban Dare in Philly on Saturday. It was fun and a good purchase from groupon. However, the website was woefully underexplaining so we didn’t really know what to expect. We just showed up.

After the start we ran and got our clues and freaked out. They were so weird and obscure and historical. We didn’t have a pen to write down answers or plan a map! WORSE neither of us have made it to the 201xs technology-wise we didn’t have a smart phone. All we did have was ShH’s dying phone and my horrible ebay-brandless-knock-off–HEY, you can watch TV on it…not digital TV but still!!

ShH was able to get the first clue from a friend on her dying phone and as we walked I called our friend (and her roommate) SH. Oh Crap how am I going to write the answers down! I freaked out for 10 blocks about not having a pen. Dude, I can totally text the addresses to you. SH is so super smart! She has made it into the tech savvy 201xs so while her sister (also on the other end of the line) looked up the answers on her ipad, SH checked the clues with us and texted the answers. SO SMART!

We wrote (a 13year old gave me his pencil–I offered to buy it but he declined–cool kid.) down our answers planned a route and I was brought on the crazysauce. WE HAD TO WIN! But we didn’t and there were some hardcore racers out there. I had to talk myself down: Are you going to enjoy this race or continue being a freak!??!

I choose/chose FUN so instead of running crazy I calmed down. We stopped for milkshakes…and cookies. And had fun making matching poses for each photo (proof of the clues we accomplished). ShH and I had a blast and strongly recommend Urban Dare should it come to a city near you.

My ONLY complaint is that the end was very anticlimactic. I feel like we should have at least had a free beer or something but no you just check back in, show them your photos and thats it. Lame-O. BUT

As you can see from above, we did still have fun!