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resolutions 2015….

Its been awhile. Its been a rough 2014 but with bright spots from work and friends and family; especially S and W. Those two man! I want to say that I feel so lucky to be happy. Life happens but through everything I am so lucky to have what I have and am so content. How many people can say that?!!? I hope a lot and add me to the list!

Anyhoo! I accomplished my 2014 resolutions. I went to the dentist and went BACK to the dentist to get cavities filled. I love them–the office is totally feminine (W recommend me; Ha!) and looks like a dentist office on a tv show–all frosted glass and white and super stylish. I go back for a cleaning in January and am actually EXCITED about it. I also had an art show! Yay!

SO! In that vein here are my 2015 resolutions!

1. go to a dermatologist and get the weird patch of dry skin on my shoulder looked at. I think it’s just a cyst and I have had it forever but its time.

2. 2 art shows! I had 1 last year so I figure I should double it. I have one already scheduled for February! Now that Susie is a little older I want to push this.

3. Get my CCRN! Go Nursing! I love my job and my coworkers! Its hard and stressful sometimes and can be physically exhausting but I love it and, for me, way better than being bored. I operate best stressed and exhausted and helping people!

4. Work my way down to one caffeinated beverage a day.

SIDENOTE: I am working on eating healthy, losing weight, working out but not something I am comfortable making a new years resolution. Its more of an ALL THE TIME resolution.

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struggles update….

How am I doing with healthy eating and prize system?

Well, we switched computer systems at the hospital last weekend (huge undertaking and it was amazing to go through and see everyone adapt amazingly and still give THE BEST care–I love my hospital) and I was surrounded by tons of cookies, candies and doughnuts and snacks provided by coworkers or upper management and I did not eat a single piece or part. I didn’t eat so super healthy for my meals but even those weren’t that bad. I have to saw the ONLY thing that kept me from eating everything in sight was the my little self prize system. I wish I were noble but I the only thing I love more than eating crap is cheap stuff. I love stuff. I think I found my success!

I have lost 2lbs! Pretty excited about that–its amazing how much work it takes for a middle aged lady to lose weight. My stomach also looks a little prettier 🙂 (still a massive work in progress though).

The thing is, I know if I have one slip up my will power will crumble. I have to be very strict within my rules. Example: I can have dessert but only for a planned dinner out on a special occasion. I am thinking–not this month, but maybe next–I will cut out alcohol for awhile. I don’t drink that much and even less as late so I think it could be a pretty easy jump just to cut some extra calories. I haven’t decided. Another thing I am thinking about is making lunch mandatory salad–not saying what kind or how much salad just that it has to be salad–to make sure I am eating as many vegetables as possible. What do you think?



These are on the desk accross from me and THE ONLY thing keeping me from eating all if them is that $18 asos dress.




These are on the desk accross from me and THE ONLY thing keeping me from eating all if them is that $18 asos dress.


Pool time….


It’s Pool Time!!! Sorry all you NW peeps that have to wait till late July but in SoCal pool time has started. Actually, it started a month ago when we could ‘lay by’ the pool. Gradually that became ‘toe in’ the pool, then ‘steps’, then ‘waist in’ the pool, then ‘quick frigid lap’ across the pool with your head out, then ;less quick frigid lap across’ the pool with your head out. BUT TODAY! TODAY, was fully underwater swim around like a porpoise pool time!!!

This is awesome–especially since I feel weightless in the pool AND less like a whale. Funny because I actually look MORE like a whale in the pool 🙂

Now I need some new pool toys! Like this and this and this and this and this!

Will you come blow them up for me???….

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sexy back….

I am starting to get my sexy back.

During nursing school it was everything I could do to keep my body and eating habits under control. At the beginning they said we would gain weight–we were all ‘Psshhhhhh, not me!’

I gained a little weight but I also worked out a ton to keep even.

Then unemployment hit and I stayed about the same but lost all my muscle aside from the month I worked at Macy’s in shoes and got my ass handed to me–if you want to lose 10lbs fast work in Macy’s shoes during the holiday season.

Moving to LA and being unemployed was hard. It was mainly being unemployed–you feel shitty and hopeless and unmotivated. I boxed and ran but I still felt shitty.

Now I have a job. I love it but it is super stressful and will be for the next year minimum. Boxing helps me burn the stress and sleep at night. And its feels really good.

I hope to add surfing soon too–for the first time I think I might be strong enough to actually paddle and most of my days off don’t match W’s so I need to something to get me off the couch.

But that is the future. I don’t want to be superhuman strong and I still have a ton of tummy flab. But my ankles are svelter my butt is rounder (like it needs to be any rounder) and firmer. I was worried working out would lead to a loss of femininity but instead it exemplifies it.

Anyway, I know you were worried that I was turning into Madonna–all veiny and shit but don’t. Boxing is super sexy.




Above is Reykjavik, Iceland. Such a good trip.

Things I am obsessing with:

1. Homemade Microwave Popcorn. I LOVE popcorn. Lately, I have been in a popcorn drought.  I don’t like making it on the stove cause it get super oily and ruins pans and we don’t have room for an air popper. I know I am late to the game but I just read this NY Times article and it blew my mind. You mean I don’t have to get chemicalsaltladen microwave popcorn??? I can make it myself in a paper bag for cheaper??? This is awesome.

2. Oregon Truffle Oil. For my popcorn. After reading reviews online I found out that most truffle oil is just chemicals in olive oil. I don’t care–I like the way it tastes and I NEED it for my abovementioned popcorn. To try nonchemical truffle oil and support my homestate Oregon I ordered this.

3. Frozen fruit and pineapple. Sometimes, after dinner, I really want dessert. Sometimes, before dinner, I really want dessert. This is hard because our building is surrounded by amazing dessert places (we live one block from a place called Syrup) that I am trying to leave for special occasions. However, we always have frozen fruit around because we are obsessed with morning smoothies (healthy, no sugar added meal replacements for me). Lately, if I am in treat mode I dig into the frozen pineapple. I grab a tiny bowl and eat it piece by piece–usually do half pineapple and half blue berries. Frozen pineapple (we get it from TJs) is super good.

4. Boxing. Still boxing at Gym Box. Sometimes I stay for 2 classes in a row and its fun but solidly kicks my ass. I took last night off because my thighs needed convalescing. We did a bunch of squats then squats combined with half squats. I also hurt my hand because I was punching enthusiastically and correctly but got tired and punched really hard and really wrong and hit my last knuckle (you should punch only with your first two knuckles). It hurt pretty fing bad but now its better.

5. I cut my hair off. My hair was awesome but I always wore it up so I decided to cut it off. I also will have a commute in the morning + 12 shift. Anything that cuts down getting ready time is awesome and leaves a great chance of getting 8hours of sleep. Short hair is easier. I am kind of obsessive about it too–I might go shorter. If I go shorter I would balance it out with lots of bright lipstick. One can never have enough bright lipstick.

6. Job. I am obsessed. I think about it all day and, too often, all night. I will be so happy when it starts on Monday. I just wish I could shut that part of my brain down until then and sleep more.


I have been running around like a mad person the last few days. I finished Kdrama then had to catch up on everything I had been procrastinating. It started with 2 job interviews for short-term work. I decided to stick with my original goal so instead of doing boring admin work (despite testing and finding out I am a Word and Excel GENIUS!) I took a job with Macy’s as a womens shoes lady. Do you know how much I love shoes? I LOVE shoes. From my dream ideal of Alexander McQueen to the $5 thrift store find. I LOVE shoes. I am going to sell shoes for a month and a half. It is going to be amazing. Oh! and I get comission so I may be able to make a bit more $$. But its mainly to stay sane and keep busy and immerse myself in SHOES!

Also, I finally started hanging out with friends. Its been awesome seeing people I haven’t seen in so long. I have had some good adventures and gone to bed EXHAUSTED each night. I ran around with W’s sister N on Saturday and we went to Andy and Bax and purchased onsie red pajamas and Motor cycle boots. Did you know I love SHOES? I love SHOES!

And of course getting ready for my brothers wedding next weekend and celebrating his birthday. I got him mustaches (I will show you later). I got my hair cut I got SHOES! I got spanx (my first pair but my dress is soooooo tight, flattering, but TIGHT and I don’t think I need them but I wanted an extra layer. Plus I wanted to be like Bridget Jones. I also got a super padded bra so I wouldn’t have to add socks to the ones I have).

I am going to have my niece show me how to do a smokey eye too–she does it so well and every time I do it I look like I got punched in the face.

So that and running errand after errand (catching up on my stuff mainly). That’s what’s happening. Hopefully things (I) will mellow down. Probably not though cause I have [get] to go sell SHOES! SHOES!!

just say no (no animals or computers were harmed in the making of this blog post)….

to pillow fights. W and I got all pumped while watching Wednesday night TV last night. Such good TV!

What do 32 year olds do when pumped??? We act like 8 year olds. Which is fine except for 32 year olds have more expensive stuff.

What happened was this: W threw a pillow at Rocky’s head. Rocky really doesn’t mind because he has a hard head and this was a super soft pillow; he just thinks its another form of petting. Actually, I don’t even think he woke up for this at all. So, of course, I threw the pillow back at W. W launched one again at Rocky’s head and this time I blocked it and screamed ‘STOP ABUSING YOUR DOG!’ Rocky snored.

This pillow fight devolved into lots of pillows being thrown at Rocky’s head with super elaborate blocks and throw backs and W adding tricky counter throws and MAN it got complicated and exciting and it was PILLOW WAR!!

The other thing you have to understand is that this fight was from our L sectional with W on one side and me defending (still snoring) Rocky on the other. Pillows were flying OVER our coffee table that was full of various drinks including my home made berry milk (I didn’t want hot coacoa because the chocolate would keep me awake). The other thing you have to understand is that we keep our computers on the lower shelf of the coffee table. The final thing you have to understand is that I killed W’s computer last year–well I had nothing to do with its death but it died on my watch and NOTHING was recoverable and I felt/feel sooooooo bad about it.

The inevitable happened. I blocked W’s throw with a throw of my own and the pillows slammed into the berry milk and splashed it across the living room and all over W’s gorgeous, brand new, mac book pro. We both froze for a sec then I ran to grab towels and W lifted up his poor baby (the laptop not Rocky). We mopped everything up–twice, berry milk can be sticky and luckily the macbook was aok! Phew! Rocky was still snoring.

The lesson: don’t get into pillow fights when you are 32 years old–your shit is too expensive! OR if you do, make sure all expensive stuff is out of the room and you might as well move all the sentimental breakables too.


contest and things….

I have been out and about! So no posts. Sucks. BUT I went to NYC and am now in the wilds of West Virginia–it is beautiful! The leaves are starting to turn.

So the above photo is the first CONTEST! CRAZY EYES I know. This might be stupid but I am going to do it till I think of something better. SO comment below and list what you think is vintage/thrift and what you think was purchases brand spanking new! Accessories included: shoes, purse and jewelry!  I will send the winner a prize: a sweet Washington D.C. postcard postmarked from one of the oldest post offices in the US (B.F’s post office). If there is more than one winner (I just hope there is at least one response) I will pick one at random. I will announce the winner and correct list next Wednesday so you have till Tuesday at 12am to answer!

ALSO: here is this weeks links

1. I was here this week; one of my favorite places.

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7. Now that margarita season is over I might try this, or make my own Mexican Spanish Coffee.

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10. Amy Poehler puts on many faces. Stolen from Cup of Jo.

W is watching TV in our cabin’s loft. We have cable and he is watching American Dad–I better go make sure we are watching something better…you know, like Jersey Shore.