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Stolen from cupofJo….

I saw this post on Cup of Jo and and I think it sums up how I am thinking about healthy eating. I can have whatever I want as long as I make it. Except cookies, cake, doughnuts and chips. 🙂


struggles update….

How am I doing with healthy eating and prize system?

Well, we switched computer systems at the hospital last weekend (huge undertaking and it was amazing to go through and see everyone adapt amazingly and still give THE BEST care–I love my hospital) and I was surrounded by tons of cookies, candies and doughnuts and snacks provided by coworkers or upper management and I did not eat a single piece or part. I didn’t eat so super healthy for my meals but even those weren’t that bad. I have to saw the ONLY thing that kept me from eating everything in sight was the my little self prize system. I wish I were noble but I the only thing I love more than eating crap is cheap stuff. I love stuff. I think I found my success!

I have lost 2lbs! Pretty excited about that–its amazing how much work it takes for a middle aged lady to lose weight. My stomach also looks a little prettier 🙂 (still a massive work in progress though).

The thing is, I know if I have one slip up my will power will crumble. I have to be very strict within my rules. Example: I can have dessert but only for a planned dinner out on a special occasion. I am thinking–not this month, but maybe next–I will cut out alcohol for awhile. I don’t drink that much and even less as late so I think it could be a pretty easy jump just to cut some extra calories. I haven’t decided. Another thing I am thinking about is making lunch mandatory salad–not saying what kind or how much salad just that it has to be salad–to make sure I am eating as many vegetables as possible. What do you think?


The thing you have to know about me is that I have either THE BEST will power or THE WORST will power. For example I can either eat no candy or all the candy; specifically, I ate no candy atallperiod for 3 years once I broke that I ate literallyasinliterallynotslangfigurativlyliterally 20-30 mini snickers and twix in one sitting. I am an all or nothing lady.

SO! This does not work well for eating healthy because I can’t just eat healthy MOST of the time with the occasional indulgence. It has to be ALL of the time periodnoifsandsorbuts. You know whats hard? Eating healthy ALL of the time periodnoifsandsorbuts.

The only thing I love more than an indulgence–totally what I am calling all crap food from now on so it is classy–are prizes. I love prizes! All kinds of prizes, cheap and expensive! I love them!

SO if order to get on track for only healthy eating I am going to give myself prizes. Instead of staring longingly at a cheap dress on Asos I am going to set up a system wherein I can get that cheap frock as a prize. WIn win because if I actually DO this then I will fit in that cheap dress. AND if I get that dress or whatever prize then I will post a picture of it with me here!

So STARTING TOMORROW! After 1 week of no indulgences (no doughnuts, cookies, chips, etc.) I can get this Asos dress



If I have no indulgences for 2 weeks starting tomorrow, I can get these H&M sports tights that I really super want:

Screenshot 2014-01-06 at 1.19.15 PM


IF I make it 3 weeks from tomorrow with no indulgences then I get to get this VS sweater dress I’ve wanted for awhile:

Screenshot 2014-01-06 at 1.20.49 PM


Thats a lot of prizes but the total is under $100 and would be a good jumpstart to get me going. After this initial 3 weeks then I can do longer goals with maybe some better prizes and cross some larger ticket Items I’ve been needing–what if, I should not even think about it–I even planned a long long term on to get a new camera!!!