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resolutions 2015….

Its been awhile. Its been a rough 2014 but with bright spots from work and friends and family; especially S and W. Those two man! I want to say that I feel so lucky to be happy. Life happens but through everything I am so lucky to have what I have and am so content. How many people can say that?!!? I hope a lot and add me to the list!

Anyhoo! I accomplished my 2014 resolutions. I went to the dentist and went BACK to the dentist to get cavities filled. I love them–the office is totally feminine (W recommend me; Ha!) and looks like a dentist office on a tv show–all frosted glass and white and super stylish. I go back for a cleaning in January and am actually EXCITED about it. I also had an art show! Yay!

SO! In that vein here are my 2015 resolutions!

1. go to a dermatologist and get the weird patch of dry skin on my shoulder looked at. I think it’s just a cyst and I have had it forever but its time.

2. 2 art shows! I had 1 last year so I figure I should double it. I have one already scheduled for February! Now that Susie is a little older I want to push this.

3. Get my CCRN! Go Nursing! I love my job and my coworkers! Its hard and stressful sometimes and can be physically exhausting but I love it and, for me, way better than being bored. I operate best stressed and exhausted and helping people!

4. Work my way down to one caffeinated beverage a day.

SIDENOTE: I am working on eating healthy, losing weight, working out but not something I am comfortable making a new years resolution. Its more of an ALL THE TIME resolution.

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Oh man, these are so bad right now but we shall see where they go…maybe the dumpster????




A bunch of amazing people are putting this together with artists, musicians, live performances AND they are generously including a few of my paintings. SO excited AND so nervous because there is going to be some freaking great stuff there and my stuff…well we are our own worst critics! Anyway–if you are in LA please come!

39 weeks….

39 Weeks...or dog running from struggling beached whale.

39 Weeks…or dog running from struggling beached whale.

Guys! Wow!

I went to the Dr. yesterday and things are pretty much the same since last time despite stretching and bouncing. Next week we have to measure again and talk about options— that is if she has not made her way out. I have decided to not think about it. She and my body will either cooperate OR not. OR she will be ripped from my abdomen! Either way this thing, child parenthood daughter, is happening sometime soon like a freight train (kidding) and cannot be stopped.

SO what am I thinking about? Guys! What am I doing?!?

H and I went to the beach with W! W got to go cause we went on a Sunday. It was fun!….like in every other post on this blog. I bought a Huntington Dog Beach Hoodie that I have been wearing nonstop even though it’s sort of ugly…BUT I am pretty sure it is the happiest place on earth–its a Disney scene come to life with all the excited animals and people–we should break into song!…um I may have been the crazy lady singing at the beach.

H and W resting....well, H is waiting to run again.

H and W resting….well, H is waiting to run again.

Speaking of H. He went to a full day of doggy daycare at Wagville yesterday since I am not very mobile. He is still sleeping it off…too much partying.

ALSO! My Mom and Bro are visiting. This is very awesome and it would be nice if the kiddo came while they were here but I don’t mind if she doesn’t cause then I get to spend more time with them by myself and not screaming in pain. PLUS we will get to go to KBBQ!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST! Did I mention I am going to be in an ART SHOW! I am a former graphic designer [GD] so lots of that stuff has been seen in newspapers, car wraps, websites, billboards….blahblahbah BUT part of the reason I left GD was because I wanted ART to be for ART and not for $$$. SO here goes. I am doing some paintings. I like them but there are a lot of emotions and passions going around so I am a little afraid they might be TOO much. I love color so they are mainly and exploration in color. COLOR and PASSIONS and HORMONES lead to some grandiose paintings. Also–I have learned that I can draw a human body but painting one–nope. Not to the level I would show people. I don’t have control of the brush the way I do with charcoal or pencil. Not in the way I want it which is messy but discernible and mature. I LOVE MESSY! I will let you know the deets of the ART SHOW soon.

I am considering photography as well but what do you think? Should I pull some photos–I have gleaned 20 I think may be good enough and could narrow it down to 5-10.

Art? How do I narrow down? Art, too artsy, people, not people??

Art? How do I narrow down? Art, too artsy, people, not people?? What do you like in photography? I want some criticism!