Susie is 7 Months old today! 7 Months!!!! She is fucking amazing and I cannot believe I love something as much as I love her. She ate chicken–I cannot believe I have a being that eats chicken! It seems so weird!

As happy and content as I am with work, W, Susie and Henry, I am having struggles…with my weight. At first the weight just fell off but with starting work and being exhausted and parenting and stopping breast feeding I gained weight back. I never did reach prepregnancy weight either so I am frustrated. I eat pretty healthy especially while not at work. I think its time I realize I am a middle aged woman, post pregnancy, with a job that I love but that is high stress. I have EVERYthing working against me. I have to not only exercise and eat healthy–I have to eat less; a lot less. a lot lot less. At home I can do this but it will be hard at work. BUT I have plans which, for the time being, I am going to keep private until I actually lose some weight. I still haven’t ever done that before–purposefully, intentionally lost weight. I have to admit that I am not sure that I can–scary! 

So if I say NO to things in the near future–candy, lattees, doughnuts. Please don’t give me a hard time–its super hard as it is.

It is here to that I want to say something–I am super frustrated with all those super trendy mommy bloggers who eat junk food all the time and are the size of tooth picks. I am sorry but that is annoying and ridiculous. I know only 2 people read this blog BUT if I ever review a doughnut or something like that again I will also put how much weight I gained and what sort of insane junk food binge it led too. The one thing I know is that sugar leads to more sugar 🙂

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