pants eulogy….

photo (21)Today, just now, I threw away my favorite pair of jeans. Aptly described as boyfriend (soft well worn and comfortable) and pictured above.

I broke a bottle of Valentina–smashed all over the kitchen floor and splattering all over the front of my jeans.

I knew the jeans were heading to the end. The crotch was wearing thin and growing holes–not in the trendy grungy way of this year’s style.

After they got covered in Valentina I knew it was time and put them in the trash. Its weird throwing something you wear so often in the trash. I know its just clothes but also an outward representation of what I am; I feel like there should be some sort of ceremony.

Anyway–Cheers pants! I will miss you! You got me through a lot–beach trips, car tips, airplane trips, sad trips where I wiped tears [snot] on my knee, pregnant times, baby times, drinks, hangovers, yard work, and good tv. You will be hard to replace and well missed!


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