we go to sonoma….

Last weekend we had the pleasure of visiting my Aunt and Uncle and part of their amazing family in Sonoma county.

The roadtrip was a 9 hour experiment each way. Susie put up with it for about 7 hours each way. Honestly, by hour 7, as we were cruising the edge of the amazing golden hued bay area, we (except maybe Hface who thought spending 9 hours curled up with his people was paradise) all wished: “For fucks sake why don’t they just fucking pave over all this fucking beauty and put in a goddammed Starbucks or McDonalds; somewhere we can fucking pee and get a shitty cup of coffee.”

As much as we wanted the bay area completely paved, the trip was well worth it. My Aunt and Uncle are very warm, caring, fun people and as a bonus my BF C! came up from the city and spent the night. Yay!

Since I can be a little lengthy in my tales I will just let pictures speak for themselves. OH! Except for brief comment on the first photo–Susie and her second cousin Brittany–They have a special bond because Susie will always be known for pooping all over Brittany during fancy dinner at Francis Ford Coppola Winery. There is a picture of Susie and I afterwards and she is naked with a blanket–her whole outfit had to be jettisoned. It is a story that will be added to our family lore 🙂


IMG_3339IMG_3310 IMG_3307 IMG_3264 IMG_3254 IMG_3248 IMG_3250 IMG_3244 IMG_3242IMG_33424 IMG_32683 IMG_3302 IMG_33201

IMG_3256 IMG_3255IMG_3316 IMG_3323 IMG_3331

photo (14) photo (13) photo (12) IMG_1388



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