the bath….

I just emailed W: “Be careful taking a shower–the bathtub is soooo clean! I used baking soda and vinegar–the best cleaner ever! You know because it seems dangerous, foams, smells awful, and things are shiny!!!”

I am a pretty hippy bullshit cleaner. I love my non-toxic cleaners. BUT when it comes to scrubbing tubs and sinks, to scrub, I will use the deadliest of the deadly cleaners. BUT NOTHING WAS WORKING to get the defiant scum off. Until I realized a lemon slice was great at shining brass which led me to lemon and baking soda to scrub which led me to baking soda and vinegar–shit foams and makes stuff CLEAN!!! I love it–I would marry it if the republicans would let me 🙂

Here is a website: baking soda and vinegar–it cleans things!

Though if you are like me–I like to free style. Get a big box of baking soda and sprinkle it like you would comet. You can do easy scrubs with just that. For the tough scrubs or if like me, you like a white shiny bath (our bath is ceramic–not sure how it would work on plastic), sprinkle then sprinkle white distilled vinegar all around and scrub away. It will be SOOOOO SHINY!!!! You will have to warn your partner so he or she doesn’t slip and fall.

Here is an extremely biased website about the hazards of cleaning products.


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