wednesday night confessions….

I have not blogged in awhile. I think its because I feel like I should blog BIG!!! I am a MOM! and MOMS HAVE BIG THOUGHTS! about BREASTFEEDING and BABY POOP!!!! and are EMOTIONAL!!!! I am all those things but I still have me too–which is a tends towards random and ball of nut-so. I don’t necessarily have to be ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME!

SO! In order to bring some lightheartedness to this lovely space I am going to start Wednesday night confessions–something that I did today or recently that is slightly embarrassing and funny. Also, I have had 2 glasses of wine, which for me is A LOT! So in the shiny light of day I may smack my forehead but whatever–that is for tomorrow!

WEDNESDAY NIGHT CONFESSION #1: Today I found a pomegranate seed on the floor, pristine, unpopped, and I ate it.


**!!UPDATE!!** Feel free to leave your WEDNESDAY NIGHT CONFESSION (or Thurs morning–whateve’s) in the comments if you would like…


2 thoughts on “wednesday night confessions….

  1. June Chapman says:

    I’ll make sure you can eat off my floor.

  2. lmsanderswilcox says:


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