Wow. I turned old. Kidding! So far day 1 of 34 is pretty fing awesome.

But first here was turning 33:


There I was before going to fancy dinner with champagne and then after fancy dinner and onetomany cocktails feeling amazing. I was just a baby nurse and little did I know, about to be pregnant! Also, I love that orange dress–still have it, need to wear it…especially since I can fit in it again đŸ™‚

And here is 34:



A lot more has changed than just my cup size.

First–compare today with last year. Today, I wore the above pictured elegantyetslutty maxi dress to afternoon dim sum where I had 1.5 Japanese beers which got me slightly tipsy so I bought a 1940s inspired straw hat.  Susie had a blast and got many compliments–she really is the cutest thing ever–but I am biased. We then came home and rested and ate some small french pastries and I had ice tea. I then bundled Susie up in a sling with both of us tucked under an oversized sweater while W got Hface and we went for a family walk around Echo Park lake. I ate a huge corn on a stick while declaring ‘This is the best night ever!’ and ‘One really must have a corn-sweater; a sweater solely dedicated for eating corn!’ I stated the latter because parmesan cheese was coating one half of my torso. AND I am capping it all off with blogging to you. Contrast with last years sleeping in, late night dinner, champagne, toomanycocktails, weird late night self portraits when I couldn’t sleep and wanted to be artsy. Much changed, different and I think happier, content, grown.

I got pregnant (gaining 60lbs! and then losing 45–still working on the last 15), went from baby night nurse to toddler day nurse, got a dog/Hface and thus many walks and beach trips, went through labor and cesarean, met Susie and became a Mom, W and I celebrated 4! years and became (through trial and error and lots of fun) even more a team with lots of hopes and dreams for eachother. Cheesie I know but man–its been a BIG year. A fun year and also, at times a very hard, dark, painful year…but I am not ready to broach that here. Lets just say Miss Susie E. had perfect timing when she decided to come and with her/us–we have so much lightness and love. So much love. Oh-kay! time to stop with the emotion!

In short, I am excited to be 34. I am excited to see what happens with Sus, with work, with W, with me.

See me, Susie and my corn (also those wheel chips in the other hand) below:

Corn on a stick!

Corn on a stick!






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