out with the old….


FYI, This post is TMI.

W and I are having an argument.

Well, not an argument reeaalllyy–its more light hearted than that. Light hearted with serious undertones. It is regarding fashion. Not fashion really, more like when to throw clothes away. Do clothes have  a due date? When do they expire?

Every couple has eye-rolls over a too old sweat shirt or a ratty Tee. We have that–I hate his shiny basketball shorts…especially the ORANGE ones. He hates my sweats…especially the super comfy Monterey Bay ones I purchased in a moment of weakness at a Walgreens in, you guessed it!, Monterey Bay. But that is equal hatred, a draw, mutual assured destruction, cold war, peaceful tension… so it is not really a debate.

The debate/ argument is over my clothes that have probably expired….specifically my underwear. Don’t get me wrong–I buy new underwear all the time, more than most. I just don’t get rid of the old. AND the old are comfy. I love them. LOVE them!

By old I don’t mean a few years. I mean my fav Muppet Beeker undies (they have Beeker splashed across the butt and are SUPER comfy) were purchased in 2003. 10 years. They are probably not the oldest either….eeek.

So W, thinks this is weird. It is weird. I just didn’t think about it before. He even bought me new comfy undies thinking this would push the old ones out (didn’t–and I recognize it is hard for a man to buy non-sexy undies). BUT I was going to FIGHT for my right to old underwear.

However, having SE is making me more than just a parent. She has brought out the need to grow up and be a better woman too. And also….

His mom was visiting and was folding our clean laundry to help out. She folded my underwear. My old hole-filled, falling apart, comfy underwear. No.  I don’t care how awesome our washer is No one should know about (or touch!) those except me and W and, well….I guess you.

I didn’t say anything But I wanted to scream and wave my arms to stop her like they may have radioactive waste on them! I was mortified.

If W’s mother ever sees our clean laundry again it should be full of new, pristine, undies!


AND it took a couple weeks but guys…last night….I threw away my Beeker underwear. It was a sad night but I said goodbye after one last wear…and I put on a pair of new underwear–‘new’ being relative.

It might be time to go shopping.



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