hating celebrities….

I am going to try and not make this a MOMMY blog. MOMMY will slip in, and being new to it has kept me away from here, but I want this to be a ME blog. So what is going on with ME this afternoon–I am annoyed at celebrities and journalists who write about them. This may be a bit passionate 🙂

First Paula Deen. The only people I find more annoying than Paula Deen are the journalist writers who use the word ‘lynching’ when writing in support of her. Like people not buying her crap is equal to other people dying at the hands of racists for hundreds of years. They are horrible, she is horrible. Racism is not okay and all her apologies are ‘I’m sorry BUT…’ –not the most sincere. I think if you are a public figure you have to have some moral compass and I don’t think she does; whether it was being racists 30 years ago or adding to diabetes epidemic today and then hawking diabetes meds. She is a horrible person and its about time the public started disowning her products and bullshit. It also has a little to do with the fact that I LOVE Anthony Bourdain and he HATES Paula Deen. Stop it Paula Deen–just go enjoy some retirement with your family; you are annoying.

Second on my annoying list is Gwyenth Paltrow or GOOP (as dlisted calls her). I wish she would just admit that she is a spoiled celebrity and has never ever been a normal person and has no idea what it is like to be a normal (non rich person). You are not an expert Goop! You cannot be an expert on life because you have never had a normal life so please just stop acting like you are and have all this advice for a good lifestyle. You are not only an actress (not known for being the sharpest knives in the drawer) but insanely insanely rich–not normal! You are getting into the Tom Cruise/Scientology territory of celebrity crazy–stop it! You are annoying.

Third, and this is not really celebrity but celebrity attended. FASHION! I love fashion, I love the pictures but it has gotten out of hand. The clothes isn’t ground breaking and the expectations of spending are unachievable even for the rich–(combine the above and this and just look at GOOPS spring recommendations and price tag). and THERE ARE TOO MANY GODDAMMED FASHION WEEKS–its like every other week is a Fashion week–too much! It is not special anymore. Now it seems like Fashion Weeks exist to take pictures of people going TO Fashion week. The pavement outside the venue is the celebrity. It is annoying. Stop it.

AND Amanda Bynes. She is annoying. Stop it.


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