baby sleep….

IMG_2902Oh man, baby. I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her. I gaze at her and wonder ‘How the F did I do this? How did I make this most adorable little being?’ And this isn’t a one second little stare–this stare is more like a trance that lasts for hours while I stay up all night with her and lasts till the sun rise washes gently over her face.

Yeah, up all night. As much as I love her and think she is the greatest gift the world has ever seen (power of evolution right there man), I wonder–does this whole sleep thing get better?

I wonder so much every time I see a Mom or Dad or someone who may be a Mom or Dad with a baby I run up to them, baby bouncing in her sling, and shrill “Does it get better?!?!?!?” “Do I get to sleep ? Do I get to ever stop worrying about her? Do I stop checking to see if she is breathing 100 times a night?’


Is the short answer.

No. But it gets different.

Is the long answer.

Its not so bad for me because I don’t mind staring at her all night long and W and I have worked out a system where I get at least 1-3 hours of good sleep a night and prob 2-4 hours of crappy sleep and he gets 7-8 hours of good sleep. We are doing really well for new parents. She is a really good baby–very happy, rarely cries….

knock on wood!….

She is approaching that 1 month mark where (I hear) everything changes and her baby personality really comes out. Will she be Colicy? Mellow? Happy? Pissy? Oh man, I hope she is as happy as she is now…

knock on wood one more time for extra luck!….


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