Relieeved after epidural

Relieved after epidural

I am slowly getting used to this whole parenting thing. What a line in the sand. I am exhausted and yet constantly amazed by the little milk monster I gave birth too.

Everyone loves a good birth/labor story right? Here is mine pretty much copy and pasted (with some editing) from my first 24hour-hormone-high email to a couple of best friends.

So labor was intense–this might be too much or too boring but it was crazy!
We induced the night of June 1st. I came in with high blood pressure which had the nurses a little worried and running a bunch of labs (I may have been slightly preclampic–so swollen as well, but I also have never been a patient before so was super nervous).
I thought the cervidil (thin tampon cream medicine for cervical ripening) would just cause light aches but it started contractions all night. AND PREGNANT FRIENDS–if shit hurts try and pee because I couldn’t tell the difference between contractions and having to pee but once I did pee I felt so much better. This was all before official labor too–so in the morning my cervix was soft but not really dilated and a little effaced. She was just too high and facing the wrong way.
Once we got her turned in the morning (due to my awesome nurse and the bed gymnastics she had me do) and was on Pitocin (part of induction after the cervidil) I started dilating and effacing like mad and everyone was surprised. My water broke on its own–It felt like a pop and was like ‘get the nurse something happened!’
Once your water pops/breaks the uterus squeezes down way more and without any cushioning. Contraction pain went from a 5 to a 10+++ in like a second. It hurt so bad, I was crying and writhing and climbing the walls. I got an epidural and it was THE BEST thing ever. I was so happy and I thought the only thing that could make it better was a cheese burger–its too bad they don’t let you eat. Once i had the epidural my body unclenched (as much as epidurals can slow down labor, they can also speed it up by relaxing your body) and I went from 5-9/10 cm in like 2 hours. But then my blood pressure dropped and she didn’t like that so I had to get fluid boluses and extra oxygen and had to lie on my side. SO that part of epidurals sucks. Then I labored and got to push (after trying to let her labor down) but her head was too big and wouldn’t pass my pubic bone–she is on the large side but not huge but her head is HUGE and ROUND. Blaming that on W.
SO we tried and tried and I was a great pusher and I didn’t know this but they bolus the epidurals so by the time you push its wearing off and you can really feel it. I asked to push my pca button but the doctor said no so I could push more and SE wouldn’t be all narced up…until she had another late decel (late decels are bad because it means her placenta or cord is not able to give her enough O2 through the contraction–very very bad) and she didn’t recover right away–my heart rate was higher than hers at 80–her norm (and every fetus/infant norm) is 140. So it was scary. My MD said I could try for awhile longer after she recovered but when 4-5 nurses rush in the room because of your babies monitor and they flip you onto all 4s, head down, maxing the fluids, with the 02 cranked–you know its time for a csection. I didn’t want her to go through that again.
Csection was so fast but the anesthesia made me shake violently and they can give a pain med for that but of course I was watching my BP and it was going low low and it was already scary enough and they were still pounding in the fluids to support it. I was so scared I could feel the csection but I didn’t–just tugging and everyone was happy and smiling (seriously the best team of nurses/doctors/resp therapists I could ask for) and when she came out my doctor was like ‘LOOK at those CHEEKS!” she wailed and had a 9,9 APGAR score (measurement of life taken at 1 and 5 min–that is as close to perfect as you can get). And I heard her and it was nuts–the hormones rushing in and euphoria and I asked Wesley “Is she ours!!!? Is that her!??!?” like it could be anyone else’s baby but it all felt so surreal and like I would jump off the table (insides still on the outside) and beat up anyone who tried to take her away from me–that is some fucking powerful evolutionary shit there. I was also SUPER high because of the drugs.
Then I got to recovery and rested till she joined me and we were so happy. So high off everything. Labor, or how labor happened–didn’t even matter for me. For W however…
W was way more torn up than me because he didn’t get the drugs or the hormones. He really went through the wringer watching us and being pretty helpless. Can you imagine watching people you love go through 1-2 days of hell and not really being able to help?? He was so exhausted while I was totally awake and smiling and laughing after.
Motherhood day 1 is awesome. It is seriously a line and now I can’t imagine what it was like without her–isn’t that nuts!?! I know its the chemicals/hormones but She is magical. I never thought anything could be as cuter than a puppy but I was wrong.
SE is cuter than Hface. Or, as we now call them: Little Chomper is cuter than Big Chomper (names switch as SE grows). But don’t worry Big Chomp–you were first and will get your adventures just have to allow Little Chomp to come too!

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  1. Thanks, love, mom–that’s how it was for me too but there is no way to explain to someone who hasn’t gone through it

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