10 months….


Well hmm….I didn’t think I would be writing this post. I thought she would BE HERE!

At least I have had a lot of distractions this last week. My Mom and Brother were here and we had a good time keeping busy and I even got W, my Brother and I into a free/open bar comedy show at Hothouse Productions. Its was hilarious! and featured Dana Gould, Brody Stevens (who recently got picked up for a HBO show) and some others. The open bar was sort of a waste since only W partook–though I did grab a pop tart from $0.05 Diner down the block. Also, we had amazing KBBQ at Mr. Lee‘s prior.

I was hoping the laughing would trigger labor but it didn’t.

It was great to spend time with Mom and Bro–we walked and walked and ate and ate and talked and talked. This was the first week I noticed swelling of ankles and hands–gross–not Kim K. level but definitely cankles.

I feel a little bit bad about the visit. My Mom and Brother visited a 10 month pregnant person (comparable to a recently hibernating bear) and didn’t even get the action of labor or cuteness of a new baby. I believe at one point I said: ‘Why isn’t everyone doing what I want right now! I want everyone to do what I want without me asking!!!’…only slightly joking and not only expecting everyone to do what I want but do it psychically. At least LA was being pretty wonderful and not too hot AND W and Hface were both awesome.

So what else is going on? Well my belly button is ripping in half.


1. I am wearing shorts but you just can’t see them! 2. the dark lower spot is the ever-cracking deepest part of my button with new skin growing in the middle. 3. The dark top spot was the top of my college belly piercing spot. 4. the line in the middle was the top part of my button. Sad šŸ˜¦ Could be worse šŸ™‚

Most cutelittlepregnant ladies get cutelittlespregnant outie belly buttons. I used to have a lovely tiny, but deep, belly button. Pregnancy has not led to a cutelittlepregnant outie for me. Nope. My belly button stretched, distorted and ripped. Seriously ripped; as in a cycles of cracking, bleeding, healing then repeat. I have a whole area in the middle of fresh new flesh. It’s as if my belly is the Pacific Ocean and my belly button is a Hawaiian Island always erupting and creating new land. I just wonder that after all this, after my belly deflates/oceans drained, what will happen to it. I am guessing no more wondrous belly button…so sad.

Not really that sad (more just funny)–if this is the worst pregnancy does…I am a very lucky individual!


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