A Review: How to Be a Woman….

If you read my Day in the Life of Maternity Leave post there was a picture of a stack of books that I am reading during this time. I am on my last 2–of course leaving the great leviathan Moby Dick for last. That book is intimidating. So now I am going to start telling you all (ignore if you would like) how I FEEL about them. With birth hormones ramping up…I FEEL a lot.

How to Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran.

In short: read it, it is awesome.

In length:
I am not a non fiction reader. It is so hard for me. I get soooo bored. I need strange plots and great writing and lots of poignant drama. I need Tom Robbins, Toni Morrison, Jane Austen, and Jeffrey Eugenides.

However, three of the maternity books I’ve read are NOT fiction. They are nonfiction and this was THE BEST of them. She writes pop culture feminism. She says anyone who has a vagina and wants control over it is a feminist. LOVE IT!

She begins each chapter with a personal story and weaves in her thoughts on whatever subject relates to the story (porn, waxing, plastic surgery, abortion). She has experienced quite a life too–so her stories are fabulous and only beat by her philosophy. She is a writer by profession–since the age of 15 (and probably earlier) and it shows. It is good, smart, poignant, painful, and funny. I agree with most of what she says and even though I agree I still think about it. A lot. It gets me all hot and bothered and is incredibly motivating. I want to DO something and be a WOMAN, a HUMAN in way I haven’t felt since sophomore year of high school.



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