free $$$…..


Sometimes, some days are just not cool.

The other day’s post was pretty dramatic–got lots of emails. Don’t worry, I am good. Some days you just need to have a melt down and cry and then snag your dog and go to the beach and play [throw your dog]  in the ocean. Aside from the beach I also do other things if I feel like I am heading down a dark hole (which happens–life is not always butterflies especially with fluctuating hormones). I have a one-woman dance party (currently looking for some spoitfy Cumbia to dance to), make cookies, do art, annoy W so he laughs, snuggle with my dog, window shop, get my nails done (though I am holding off on this because I am saving up for a whole post birth body massage and scrub at the Kspa and also when I get my nails done–they have to be done to the max with gels and that can really fuck up your nails so I only do it every once and awhile).

HOWEVER, change of BEAT! This post is not about pregnancy. It is about FREE MONEY lessons for purchasing online.

The one thing, and W knows this well, is that I LOVE FREE STUFF!! I am pathetic when it comes to giveaways or samples. I know you are supposed to take only 1 sample but I am the person who goes back over and over, trying to be semi sneaky, and takes 3 or 4. I am the person who fills their little TJs cup of coffee up 3 times minimum while shopping. I am the person who is all about getting the most bang for your buck at a buffet and I chastise other if they get fillers like rice or pasta. I am classy. My LOVE for FREE STUFF and $$$ translates well to online purchasing…

1. I think everybody has Ebates. If not and you purchase ANYTHING online get it  (or if you have it, USE IT!) because you can usually get a small percentage cash back for no work. I know its a tinsy amount but its at least a frikin’ FREE cup of coffee!! If you don’t have ebates–email me your email and I will refer you BECAUSE THEN I GET MORE FREE $$$.

2. Do you have student loans????? Are they Sallie Mae or administered by Sallie Mae? Then use upromise–I joined a long time ago but didn’t really get it so just started using it a few months ago. It has multiple avenues for cash back–one is similar to ebates (less online stores but usually more percentage back). Another is to get THEIR credit card–I would not advise this because getting more debt to pay debt is a bad idea. BUT you can register your debit cards and get cash back for student loans at local restaurants (you can register up to 10 so I registered W’s and he eats out more than me)! THIS IS AWESOME! I went to a super hipster trendy fancy cocktail bar and drank 2 nonalcoholic drinks and got $0.20 BACK FOR STUDENT LOANS!!!! I know you are thinking this is just $0.20 but it’s $0.20 I DO NOT HAVE TO PAY! AND I didn’t even know–just for registering my card. Imagine if I had actually bought ALCOHOLIC drinks! Getting $$ for student loans for having a fun night with friends is pretty awesome! Plus I LOVE FREE $$$$ any amount!

3. More student loan cash back. Smarterbucks is a website that critics rave about. It is similar to Upromise but newer and independent. I have not had that much success with it yet. I like that they offer a cash back debit card as opposed to a credit card but I love my Credit Union (my checking account already has 3% interest and pays me for any atm fees and gets me discounts on car insurance etc.) and am not likely to start banking with Smarterbucks. Also, when I last checked in which was a month ago, their online market place didn’t work. One plus here is that you can ask friends and family to help you pay for school via this website. However, being old and out of school I feel a little weird doing that so I don’t do it.

4. Googling! I hope EVERYONE who reads this blog googles before they buy. First, Google to price check! A couple times I have not done this and paid $20 more and I kick myself. I have also done this and gotten $400 items for $200. I literally copy and paste the item title and see what pops up. Also, once I have decided on a purchase I ALWAYS GOOGLE FOR COUPON CODES! I saved $100 on art supplies the other day doing this. Very important and easy to forget to do.

IN SHORT–steps for online purchasing:

1. register your debit cards if you have student loans.

2. Google for price checks.

3. Once you decide on a purchase site: see if your greatest discount is with ebates or upromise and enter the site via one of those (I usually get my shopping cart all ready first).

4. Google for coupons!


EXTRA: Personal student loan tax: I have decided to curtail my online spending and help with student loans by adding a $15 student loan tax to each purchase. So every time I buy something online (needed or wanted) I have to put $15 to my student loans. For example: I burnt W’s wok to a crisp the other night and have to replace it–yep $15 extra to my student loans too!


2 thoughts on “free $$$…..

  1. this is useful info but still kindof scary buying online unless it is yarn

  2. lmsanderswilcox says:

    Mom! It is very safe to buy online–safer than buying in a store where someone can write down your number or whole groups of accounts get stolen from department stores. I have had 1 (1!) time where I did not get my purchase–and I buy from some sketchy sites!– and filed a complaint with paypal and they immediatly refunded my $. If you are scared set up a paypal account and it is very secure. Online shopping, though never as fun as real shopping, can save tons and tons of $$$.

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