met gala favorite….

I looked through all the 2013 Met gala gowns as soon as pictures posted. I love a good celebrity gown. This year, I felt sick (UPDATE: sick is relative–I mean its celebs and fashion its not like its really that heartbreaking unlike this). What a bad, stupid, theme for a bunch of rich people to celebrate. Punk is hard, and struggling, and poor, and rough, and dirty. Adding shittons of black eye shadow that costs more than my salary is not punk. Putting a ridiculous couture Mohawk on your head is not punk. Punk would be doing the opposite of all these things. So my favorite ensemble  of the evening: Maggie Gyllenhal.

Its red, it has a tacky choker, it shows her amazing-very honest-body (I super wish I had her boobs). She is almost rebellious because she does not look over tanned, over made-up, over taped and constrained, over done like a twice fried potato with too many toppings. Maybe she did tape her boobs in but if one fell out I feel, instead of the usual celebrity coverups, she would say: “I am a woman, I have boobs, get over it.”

In short, she looks like a normal person and glaringly stands a part from the celebrity crowd. Isn’t that a little Punk?


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