Burts Bee’s spf 30 sunblock, a review….

I get randomly, inconsistently, paranoid about things. I will NOT use a plastic travel mug or tuppawear but I have no fear of using plastic cups for my iced lattes. I will NOT use laurel laurethy (SP?) sulfates in my shampoo until I get tired of my hippie shampoo not sudsing then I will use them (but I never use animal tested shampoo–if TJs can make animal testing free shampoo for $3 then why should I ever need to buy shampoo that IS animal tested).

Lately I have been paranoid about sunblock and how the chemicals in sunblock give you skin cancer. I am torn. I don’t want skin cancer from the sun but I also don’t want it from putting on nasty lotion that makes me break out. If sun and sunblock both give skin cancer equally (this is not true but in my head I feel like it is true) I would rather forgo the lotion and just lounge in peace. However I have been trying to find a hippie sunblock to avoid cancer from either end…step in Burts Bees Sunblock–the sort of trendy hippie but not that hippie (I mean I am not spreading mud all over my body or something totally weird) suncancerpreventer.

So I got semihippie Burts Bees sunblock and yesterday spread it on my huge belly (huge pregnant bellies are great for testing sunblock). It is thick and a little sticky but some sunblocks give me a rash (especially the spray on) and this one didn’t so I don’t mind sticky. It was a little annoying because its expensive and not waterproof so I had to keep slathering it on but since it is hippie and didn’t have the PABANS or PARBAS or whatever gives you cancer I didn’t mind the price or the slathering. But then there is the smell…

At first it smells GREAT. However, as the perfume faded, I smelled fish. At first I didn’t think it was coming from me and I sniffed all around the pool and the pool water and my bikini top but it wasn’t coming from any of those places and I realized it was coming from my skin. My skin had a faint aura of rotting grass combined with dead fish.

I think it is from the hemp seed oil in the sunblock. I don’t use hemp seed oil ever but I could imagine it smelling like that.

Anyway, I figured no big deal. Its annoying but I can handle it while swimming and then it should go away. NO! I showered and the smell DID NOT GO AWAY. I scrubbed and showered again, I sprayed perfume, I put on gobs of coconut butter lotion, I used an inch of my deodorant stick and I still smelled faintly of rotting grass/dead fish. It was not strong, just there, always there.

You should know that I am a sensitive smeller. Maybe this will not affect most people but for me it was horrible and took almost 24 hours to dissipate. So for me, I am sorry Burts Bees (I love 99% of your products) but I will have to find my hippie sunblock elsewhere.






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