Sometimes I want to leave FB because mainly I hate the ads but also because sometimes I have a hard time with FB political posts and emotional posts.

Doesn’t it seem like a cheap way to grieve or be political?

I will grant you that social media politics has caused change but for my liberal self and my mostly liberal facebook friends–its a lot of patting each other on the back for pushing the repost button, changing a profile picture, or writing a sentence status update. If we (I am including myself) really care shouldn’t we be doing more? Lazy politics?

And the grief? I hate it–it seems very insincere. Repost a photo of a candle with a flame or link an article? Everyone gets on board for one tragedy but not another. Yesterday everyone was posting about Boston and how horrible it is. It is horrible. This morning 35 people died in a fertilizer plant explosion–if not more–and not a peep. No candles, no thoughts, no prayers, no links, no status updates. Why? Is it because its not terrorism (they don’t know the cause yet but if its lack of safety by an employer–thats pretty on par with terrorism)? is it cause its in a red state? I posted something on facebook but then deleted it. That is not where I want to do something or show my caring. I just want to see what people are up to and look at pictures.

I heard when the last school shooting happened someone bought coffee for a day in that town anonymously. I thought that was a cool way to show support.

Sometimes I try to not be so passionate here where it could start an internet argument. W says if you are arguing on the internet you are already losing. But this one thing I wonder about a lot.



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  1. gosh i hope i didnt inspire this post.

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