I will never be as cool as Karen O….

Obviously. She is the epitome of New York cool when New York was super cool. My favorite visit to Manhattan was when I visited my stepsister in the mid 90s who (though now lives in PDX) lived lower/mid city when there were still places you didn’t go. Post Warhol but still edgy and dark and eccentric yet successful and verging on mainstream. Isn’t this Karen O?

I will never be her. That is sad but I have come to terms with my lazy, sun-loving LA leanings. I will never be able to wear sequins AND seem dark. I am almost 34 and almost a mom. I like to tool around in my (albeit black) fiat with the moon roof open. Look at that above story–“when I was a kid New York was cool and I had to walk to school in 10ft of snow…blah blah blah.” My cool ship has sailed!

What this diatribe is all about and sparked my woe-is-me-I-am-not-New-York-Karen-O-insecurities is that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are coming out with an album on April 15th. They posted it with commentary on youtube embeded above and linked here. I think its super good.

Its more accessible than previous, less screaming and more soul. As someone IN (ohgod) middle age, I need more accessible music. I am no longer driving too fast down the freeway after a bad breakup with the same guy for the 5th time screaming/crying to some harsh noisesong. I need a softer Yeah Yeah Yeahs–this is it. I even like the Dr. Octagon, aka Kool Kieth,song, who is like the most coolhipster rapper ever (they could have gone a little more less-coolhipster–the dude raps about the environment. I don’t like rapping and my environment worries mixed. Though I have always liked Aliens).

I hope you like the album. I have been listening to more music in the last week than I have in over 4 years. I have been enjoying LA spring weather with the door open and the TV off. Other than the Yeah Yeah Yeahs I have listened to:

The New Flaming Lips Album. Super good but sad. W would not like it–to many noises.

Jake Bugg per my friend Thu. I listen on spotify–I LOVE spotify. He reminds me of a male Holy Golightly that is less weird.

Diplo–also on spotify.

OH and Ghost Face Killah’s new album, which behind the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is my fav.


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