8 months….


Asos dress and BCBGeneration shoes

8 months as of last Monday. Oh man oh man.

2 months left…hard to think she will stay in for 2 more months–I give it more like 6 weeks; as long as her lungs are developed that’s fine

So how are things?!?!

Things are good. Work is hard. I worked 4/5 days and it was hell. Usually as long as I get some sort of break I am fine but not when I am 8 months pregnant. My back hurts, I can barely walk up the stairs when I get home. I get nightly massive massive leg cramps. I am not sure if any of you have experienced them but I sometimes wake up screaming they hurt so bad. I also slllooooowwww waddle everywhere. I try to walk as much as possible but it takes so long to get places.

I also sucked it up and bought maternity shorts. My dreams of wearing loose dresses only so that I could continue wearing them post maternity were crushed because apparently my thighs decided to swell and inner thighs rubbing is not cool, not cool at all.

Miss Susie Q is now head down, ready to go. I cannot imagine being head down for 2 months but that is what a fetus does.  Her hobbies include: head butting me in the cervix, punching my bladder and kicking. So I think she is pretty normal.

I am going on maternity leave soon. I have been thinking about things I can do while getting so big that I can barely move, goals:

1. Read: The last Game of Thrones book (already started) and Moby Dick
2. Art (will be explained later)
3. Watch Veronica Mars
4. Lay by the pool after 2pm so as not to get too sunburnt
5. Walk the dog (this is getting harder and harder)
6. Wash baby clothes.
8. Switch closets with Wesley…organize my closet….
9. DO NOT SPEND $$$$$
10. no candy

Any recommendations????


2 thoughts on “8 months….

  1. knit those two elephants or this shawl/baby wrap (I have the pattern and was thinking of getting the yarn pack for you but don’t want to force knitting upon you now or ever…): : https://www.elann.com/commerce.web/product.aspx?id=128846

  2. claire says:

    You look amaze!! Don’t get sunburned!!

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