Seal beach, literally….

IMG_2622Okay, Sea LION beach, BABY Sea LION beach.

Yesterday, Henry and I were depressed and in a funk. I DROVE him to the park for some exercise. Granted the park is a 4 mile walk round trip and my waddling-almost-8-month-pregnant-self takes about twice as long to walk it but I don’t do much else during my days off so driving there is pretty lame-o. So yes, a funk. A funk of too much TV, worrying about becoming a parent, worrying about maternity leave, worrying about family and finances–the whole funk shee-bang. So I decided that today Henry and I would have an adventure.

We would trek the hour long drive to the awesome Huntington Dog Beach. Not much of an adventure for some but I would get outside (out of my funk) and Henry would get his beach that he has not had in over a month. Henry LOVES the beach.

So we went. I waddled down the beach, Henry ran circles down the beach and got a sand beard, others commented: “Wow–your dog has blue eyes!” or “Did you see his eyes? How did your dog get those eyes? Are they real??”

After about double the time (per my waddling) it usually takes us to walk our beach lap, Henry and I were almost back to where we leave for the car when I (Henry was still running circles) saw a weird shape that was not a dog, coming out of the ocean. It was tiny and cute.

It was a baby sea lion.

It was the cutest, saddest thing ever. It was obviously tired and wanted to get out the water but chose the worst mile of beach ever–a dog beach. Luckily the big dogs were playing elsewhere and Henry was still running circles. So the little guy got a break and was able to come up on the shore, looking for his mom. OHMIGOD–so heartbreaking. sosososososo heartbreaking.

Ever the one to help an animal in distress (seizure squirrels, baby bald eagle, baby deer, sick baby crow, worms, spiders…), I didn’t know if I should leave it and get a lifeguard or wrap it in something or introduce it to Henry or what. The sea lion was pretty frisky so I didn’t think it would like wrapping in a sweater  so after a guilty-but-how-could-I-resist-couple of snaps (below) I waddled to the lifeguard stand and told the gentleman there about the pup.

“Yeah, there have been about 30 in the last week. The wildlife center is maxed out. Food shortage…Moms go to deeper water and get separated from their pups. Is he moving?–oh, he is moving. Frisky.  That’s good but he chose the wrong stretch of beach…should have gone a mile down. Well if he is not too sick he will get some rest and head back in the water. I’ll call it in and if he stops moving they’ll come rescue him.”

30 pups in the last week!!!! + my pregnancy hormones–massive crying!!! Shattered heart!!! AAAHHH!!! To0 much! Too Much!

Its good that at least this guy was frisky enough that maybe all he needed was a nap. The lifeguard may have just been humoring me though…

I emailed W because Sea lions are his favorite animal and he missed it. He said it could live in our complex’s pool. I agree. I should have brought it home. Henry could get along with a sea lion. He is deathly scared of adult ones but maybe if he were raised with a baby one…..I mean they both love the beach….

IMG_2619 IMG_2621  IMG_2623 IMG_2624 IMG_2625 IMG_2629


One thought on “Seal beach, literally….

  1. wow what a cute and sad journey

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