growing up….

IMG_2499Babies and weddings and more babies and weddings. I fit into the babies category but I got to be a witness to one of the most fun/beautiful weddings I’ve seen. It wasn’t a wedding really. It was an elopement.

My friend J called me prior to coming to PDX and asked when I would be up. I told her and she said that was great because then I could be a witness for her elopement. I burst into happy tears right where I was standing…in the middle of World Market.

So these things all means we,  my circle my pack, of friends are all growing up. Making choices that we would have considered droll in our young 20s. Yesterday, I gave up on a little bit more of that attitude.

For the millionth time I was comparing at our neighborhood versus THE VALLEY for real estate. We are not going to buy for at least a year or so but it’s fun to look and also a source of many a  fight and controversy between W and I. W wants THE VALLEY. I want our neighborhood. Our neighborhood is hip, upandcoming, and well in my comfort zone. THE VALLEY may be hip (?) but definitely not as edgycool as our neighborhood. It is not hilly and full of views and tocoolforschool people.

But yesterday I started thinking about what I want for a home. I want something open and airy and a pool (or potential for a pool). A place where people can come over to dinner and our backyard is often referred too as an ‘oasis.’ I want to wave at neighbors and maybe even gossip over a cup of coffee. I want my kid to ride around on a trike and draw chalk hopscotches on the sidewalk. Our neighborhood does not have that and anything close would be way WAY above what we could afford.

This means what I want is THE VALLEY too. This means, yesterday, I let a little bit more of my eyerolling-20s self go. This means I had to write a long email of ‘Your Right’ to W.

Sometimes growing up is a long process. Sometimes its an elopement. Sometimes its getting pregnant and having short spurts of epiphanies that should have happened years ago.



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