Technically I am 31, or almost 8! months pregnant tomorrow. Holy crap! So this month I am more than a tad late with my post. Month 7 was busy though–with visits from friends and an almost 2 week trip home to PDX. AND we threw a ‘We Ruined Our Life’ party that was awesome. We had a nacho bar, desserts from, literally, all over the world and I got to wear the specatular blue, backless, turtleneck jumpsuit featured above. We also had a nonalcoholic champagne tower. It almost didn’t happen because the glasses I ordered were different sizes. My awesome friend J. painstakingly put one together by going through all the champagne glasses. I have good friends.

So SE is moving…always always moving. This is awesome and I love feeling her dance around but with each turn, or anytime I have to get up, I usually have to pee–like run to the bathroom as fast as I can pee. Work is kicking my ass as well–I come home with my back hurting and so exhausted I cannot even make it to bed–I usually fall asleep on the couch. Maternity leave soon!

Also, a couple nights after I got home I got a stomach bug and spent the night puking my brains out. I knew it was just a bug but it was the first time I felt intense mom fear for SE. I was so worried something was wrong–but SE just thought it was dance party time again. I think it will be way worse once she is here but that is definitely a new emotion I have not felt before.

After a lot of fights with W over a changing table I think SE’s room is pretty much ready–once I get things pretty I will put up a pic. Now we just have to wait.


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