6 months….


I love this photo because S.E. is like a tiny bloop and I look all svelte otherwise. I am not svelte. My tummy must have been hanging away, outofsight, during the 2 seconds it took to take the photo. bloop–love it!

So this is pretty much what I wear on my days off now–unless I am going out to do stuff other than exercise. Then I get all fancy in 1 of my 2 maternity dresses or leggings with a sweater that still fits. For a clearer picture of what W (poor W) has to look forward to when he gets home see below:


YES that is a cut off neck white long sleeved giant man-tee and old yoga pants rolled up complete with multiple stains. I would like to mention here that I DO wash my hair most days as well…

For a more accurate look at my belly see below:


THERE she is! BIG bloop! I still try to fit in tiny spaces and often unintentionally raise patient beds, knock into doctors, knock over chairs with her.

AND here is me outside at Runyon Canyon with Hdog…in the same outfit. This is okay because we are going to exercise. Though, in LA, most people put on tons of makeup and dress to the nines to do such activity. They also talk about agents and scripts while climbing 675 vertical feet. Hdog and I are a little out of place but fuck it! I am 6 months pregnant!


So aside from my awesome outfit and bump, how am I doing?

Work is hard. I get super tired and it has been super intense and full of profound moments. No joke. Very serious. I do laugh and smile with co-workers but our already acute ICU seems more acute as of late.

Or maybe its just my patients. I have had patients die in my short ICU career and all were in the last month or so. It is a rough, though I feel a very honorable job to be present for someone’s end. I did not cry…at work. But let me tell you I feel like I cover all of Philosophy 101 when I am taking care of a dying person and all the while this little thing, S.E., is kicking away inside me. An end and a beginning all at once.

So for good reason I think, I get tired. I had 4 days off this week and W asked what I was going to do with them. Sleep I said. I work the same full-time hours as anyone else but in a shorter period. It takes a full 2 days to recover and 1 day to prepare–especially when getting more and more pregnant. So I cleaned and took Hdog hiking for my 1 day (we exercised other days but it was painful) and we also went out for thai food. I LOVE good thai food.

BACK TO THE LIGHTHEARTED! I thought I had ordered all the maternity stuff I needed. This is not so. Back to the drawing board [Asos.com and Target] for couple cheap dresses and skirts. I am learning that as baggy as some of my baggy jeans and such are–they are not baggy enough.

HORMONES are reveving back up for the coming 3rd trimester. Its getting to be like PMS every few days. Lots of world-ending, crying and fight-picking.

ALSO this kid will not stop kicking my bladder. I feel like I cannot go more than 2 steps without having to pee.

Hope things are well with you! Hope to post more than a couple times a month!


One thought on “6 months….

  1. you look and sound great–all those feelings are typical from what I remember. People say savor the moment but that is hard to do when you have a fetus jumping on your bladder. I remember that and being tired and eating and loving to eat-anything, and weird things. It is OK to get maternity clothes, we’ll shop when you are here…love, mom

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