California, so far, has escaped the flu epidemic going around. I think it will just hit us later–in the ICU it is just starting to rear its nasty head whereas I know my Dad in Wisconsin has dealt with it for months.

I know a lot of people think a flu is a cold. Its not. It kills lots of people every year but you can wikipedia that shit on your own time if you want.

Usually, it kills people who are older and already have multiple chronic disease…or the very young, or pregnant. One of the reasons H1n1 was so scary was that it killed healthy people–not more people, just ones that shouldn’t have died from it.

Maybe its just my first flu season as a nurse but this flu scares me. We have had some middle aged patients that do not smoke or drink or have chronic disease get very very sick and are getting sicker, not better.

I know this is a very small percentage of patients that represent a very small percentage of the population but healthy people getting sick puts up warning flags in my brain.

I also know that people are very scared of vaccines and some even think vaccines give them the flu, and it is only 60% effective because there are lots of kids of flu virus. It is your body, your health, you are in charge. But this flu is not a joke. It is not a cold. People die from it. I have seen someone die from it. Just thought you should know.


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  1. thanks, the more people talk and think about this the better for us all

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