the best thing ever….

header copyMATERNITY LEGGINGS!!!! I swear I have some serious posts in my brain that have little or nothing to do with pregnancy or stupid crap. This is not one of them. I love leggings but have always struggled with (prior to becoming maternal) the crotch sliding down and looking like I’m wearing tight-ass hammer pants. This is not a good, nor comfortable, look.

Maternity leggings do not fall down. They go so high that they can’t. It is awesome! I am going to continue wearing them post maternity! They may be the least sexy (per W and my opinions) item of clothing out there but even single ladies could wear them if you discretely roll them down before practicing safe sex. No one has to know!

But hey–they don’t look to bad with a Jersey Shore purchased crop top do they??? Yes they do.

Anyway, I got mine here. THEY ARE ON SALE!!! I missed the fucking sale. fuck. oh well–they weren’t that expensive anyway. And they are not see-through which is a common problem with leggings of all kinds.

And if the above review/header image did not convince you, I made a gif that I hope explains how awesome they are (and also how fat I am–BUT I need to mention that I had to resize this and may have accidently squished myself leng-wise so I may not be QUITE this fat-almost but not quite). It is below:



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One thought on “the best thing ever….

  1. how did you make this? Stop action or edited video? It reminds me of your ikea couch putting together video…

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