5 months….

IMG_3565We are having a girl! Her name is Susan Elinor Jones (Since I got the first name W gets the middle and last–would have been reverse for a boy). Susan is my Mom’s name so that is pretty special. We are going to call her Susie Q or I may just call her Junior. Elinor is a W family and sister’s name. We love how perfectly normal of a name it is and how very special the names are for our famlies. Great; I am crying (hormones). Once I found out it was a girl I went to TJ Max and bought a shit-ton of ridiculous girl clothes–again, I blame it on hormones but it could just be me.

Just over 5 months–the picture makes me look way more preggers than I usually look but I have taken to wearing things that make me look MORE pregnant because otherwise I just look fat or beer bellyish. So I wear empire wastes to emphasize and not look so much like a marshmellow. That’s how I look in my scrubs–cylindrical.

So updates: I am tired all the time, starting to waddle a little. Working 2 12s in a row kicks my ass. I am emotional but I only recognize it in hindsight. I get cranky, I cry at every dumb movie ever including: Pitch Perfect (at the end when they sing their fantastic acapella), What to expect when your expecting (I know its dumb but my emotional brain center did not and I cried at various points throughout the movie), New Year’s Eve, Brave (sobbed the WHOLE movie–she frikin turns her mother into a bear! You try not crying!),  Marigold Hotel. Ugh everything–even TV shows like Shah’s of Sunset. W wants to watch me watch that whale movie with Drew Barrymore because I will sob throughout. Tearjerkers man.

I also get headaches that suck. Every morning, especially if I’ve worked the day before. They suck and I am not allowed to take Ibuprofen and that’s the only thing that would work.  Ibuprofen fucks up fetal kidney development in the first trimester and in the third can make the ductus arteriosus close early. This could really fuck up the fetal circulation because that is not supposed to close until the kiddo takes its first breath (first breath starts a whole chain reaction that makes EVERYTHING change and the kid can live outside the womb). Ibuprofen is actually used to help close the ductus arteriosus if fails to do so. So anyway–no Advil for me.

Henry is good! I love him. I worry that I won’t love my kid as much as I love him. He NEEDS me. He NEEDS me to frolic. Frolicking is pretty life and death for this dog–especially if there is grass and sand around.

So I bought these. These won’t fit till she is a year old, I have never owned a pair of Jordan’s and I could care less about Nike as a brand but man mini shoes that are awesome and look like big people shoes just pull at my heart strings!



2 thoughts on “5 months….

  1. June chapman says:

    Oh Lea, I wish I were there to rub your head, give you warm hugs and sing to Susan. Susie Q is what my mother called me when I was little. I can hear her voice in my head. I felt very loved and secure when she used it. You are a great mother taking such good care of your unborn child. I can’t wait to hold her and tell her what a great family she has. I’m really excited to be a Great Aunt. Love to both you and Westley and Willy. You have more than enough room to love your dog, baby, and Daddy. Love you honey. Ok I’m looking at baby things too. Uncle Stan and I would like to get you the cars eat you want. Choose one and let me know. I love Gymboree too.

    • lmsanderswilcox says:

      Awww! I am lucky to have such a good Aunt and Uncle! My soon-to-be-kid is lucky! I am very excited about visiting with her in tow. And you know I will be calling for breast-feeding advice (amongst everything else!)!

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