$50 Fing Candle!

I am obsessed with candles. I have them EVERYWHERE. From where I sit I can see 8 different candles and I just paid $50 for one. It smells so good and warm–single note cinnamon. It felt like I got a good deal because the other candles were $100.

$50 for a candle is not a good deal.

Its that whole boutique thing I talked about in my LA review. There are too many boutiques here that are all expensive. I feel like an idiot that I cannot afford the $350 cashmere sweater but I can show them (the store clerks) and buy a fucking $50 candle. See I BELONG in this store!

I also bought a dress that will work throughout my pregnancy but that was on sale on sale (double markdown) and LESS than the FUCKING CANDLE!


I am never going to pay off my student loans.


4 thoughts on “$50….

  1. yes you will; but you will provide a lot of entertainment for us all along the way…

  2. Allison B-T says:

    i bought two of those candles! vanilla and tomato leaf, yum! candles are a super racket but essential for some reason. i always feel like a sucker for buying them but always do anyway.

  3. lmsanderswilcox says:

    They do smell so insanely good–and pure, not fake. I loved mine! I am debating getting a new one for spring. But $50! SO expensive but I will give in šŸ™‚

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