back again….

I am back and a lot has happened between this post and the last. So much that I will numerate everything.

1. I am back on days at work after 3 months on nights. I am super excited about it and already feel like I can participate in society. I miss the night crew–I don’t think there are cooler, more hardcore nurses. However, for my sanity I needed days. But ask me again after my next, no night differential, paycheck.

2. I am starting to feel like a nurse. I have years to go before being a REAL ICU nurse but I don’t go to work feeling like my patient will die everytime. Not only that, sometimes I feel like I could save the patient should they try and die on me. YAY for very sick patients living because of my skills.

3. I got a dog, Henry or H. He is a mess and I love him. I am going to start a tumblr of his daily disasters. For example, today he was itching his side and got his foot stuck in his coat and fell over. It was funny. He is a disaster.

4. I got knocked up. We planned to discuss the subject in the spring but kids never do what you want so this one showed up a wee early. I was traveling up to Seattle for a friend’s wedding and something was off. 20 pregnancy tests later (litterally–I wanted a lot of confirmation) I realized I was pregnant. Then I got an ultrasound and saw this little wiggley thing inside my lady parts and it was super real and I started crying happy tears. W was like ‘duh, we are pregnant.’ I spent a month barfing and sleeping but now am a lot better. And no, we are not getting married–this isn’t 1950 when you have to get married for kids.

5. We had to live without cable and internet for 3 weeks. We rent a condo from the owner who is awesome but the condo board is full of old fuddy duddys who do not believe in fixing basic necessities even though the issue has been an issue for over 20 years. However, we made such a FUSS and threatened lawyers and breaking leases and our landlord had our backs so the issue is getting fixed.

I think that is the gist of the big issues. I hope to be more present here and push my life a bit now that I feel I have control over my new career–such a big step going from student to ICU–would totally recommend it because ICU nursing is awesome but holy fuck its terrifying–and a wee bit of control over my fetus that is doing jumping jacks around my uterus. I can’t feel him/her yet but it sure was pissing off the ultrasound tech when she was trying to get measurements.

Take care, love and miss you all!


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