Sorry I have been MIA; not the singer version but the missing in action version. Things are a bit rough these last few months. Things are a total roller coaster ride.

We are moved. I love our new place. I went to Vegas and had fun and spent too much $$$. W’s friends W&L came this last week and we had too much fun. I am working lots. I am switching to nights this week and am trying ohsohard at the  moment to stay up to 1am as a part of my sleep training.

Staying up late is very very hard when you HAVE to. It sucks. I would love to crawl into bed with W who I am sure is snoring soundly right now.

SO. I need a night hobby. I hope to blog more but I need something else for the days [nights] I have off but don’t want to switch back to a day schedule. I am thinking painting and spanish. Have you done Rosetta stone?

I am also sad to say this but I think I have to let go of my boxing gym. Its a pain to go to DTLA and pay for parking. I think it will have to be 24 hour fitness because nurses get a deal, they are open all night and there is one by my work.

This is brief but I hope to have add some great conversations and photos here in the future. Miss you guys!!!!


One thought on “action….

  1. i have a great idea for a Broadway musical that I could use a collaborator on… let me know if you are interested…

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