sunday walk….

Today is my Sunday. I have had the last three days off and work the next three days, straight for the first time, 12 hour shifts.

Today, I went for a stroll. I okayed myself to spend $10 on a panini and diet coke that would cover breakfast and lunch. I switched off Dexter and changed from sweats to a hounds-tooth mini dress and light sequin sweater with my nude wedges. In LA everything looks good–especially if it clashes and barely covers your butt.

Down the block from my apartment is a dusty old milliner’s shop; one of the last evading the hipsterfication of Spring St. I was tempted, before, to step inside but even though the door is wide and open, it always felt closed.

Today, I did and met Mr.Do–the amazing shop worker. He first denies to tell you about making hats but then immediately dances, twirls, and marches around pulling hat ‘skeletons,’ ‘muscles,’ and ‘sugar’ off shelves while wildly gesticulating the assembly of hats. His hats are feather weight—light to balance dramatic large heels he says. He clomps down the runway behind the counter then throws an example in the air to watch it float softly to the counter. ‘light light light.’

As Mr.Do was doing a gorgeous backbend, in walked Mr. Awesome my next door neighbor. He had the same curiosity about the shop that I did. Mr. Do’s excited explanations tipped him in. Mr.Do twirled and Mr. Awesome’s FrizzyhairedrealityTVproducer friend’s wide eyes watched him construct a  hat with lots of ‘sugar.’ ‘Its so easy, just hook stitch here and on the rim.’ –clutching a small hat  skeleton and 5 yards vivid orange and purple netting rolled into a giant flower. I want that hat.

Mr. Awesome and his FrizzyhairedrealtyTVproducer friend escaped to go help design a celebrities new club but not before exchanging various business cards. Mr. Awesome and his friend are truly awesome.

I left the shop an hour later with a huge smile on my face holding a crinkled paper with information on free milliner’s lessons.

LA is an amazing place. Instead of trying to be the same, everyone is trying to be different. Not only that, but there is lots of $$$$ around. So people, like Mr. Awesome and Mr.Do, who might be struggling other places, are instead paid closer to what they are worth here.  People admire and respect they have something no one else does. It may be a little indescribable but definitely there.

And my reminder–my lesson? I don’t have to spend $$$$ and buy crap to enjoy a day. I can just go for a walk….you know this short story is one of an infinite amount LA (and every other city) has to offer.


One thought on “sunday walk….

  1. that’s what being an artist is all about so on your ICU day/nights you indulge your left brain and on your artist days/nights you indulge your right–doesn’t get much better though might get confusing. Love, your outfit… by the way and love my mother’s day card. You can make me as many cards as you want too… it is beautiful and thought filled. love, mom

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