sexy back….

I am starting to get my sexy back.

During nursing school it was everything I could do to keep my body and eating habits under control. At the beginning they said we would gain weight–we were all ‘Psshhhhhh, not me!’

I gained a little weight but I also worked out a ton to keep even.

Then unemployment hit and I stayed about the same but lost all my muscle aside from the month I worked at Macy’s in shoes and got my ass handed to me–if you want to lose 10lbs fast work in Macy’s shoes during the holiday season.

Moving to LA and being unemployed was hard. It was mainly being unemployed–you feel shitty and hopeless and unmotivated. I boxed and ran but I still felt shitty.

Now I have a job. I love it but it is super stressful and will be for the next year minimum. Boxing helps me burn the stress and sleep at night. And its feels really good.

I hope to add surfing soon too–for the first time I think I might be strong enough to actually paddle and most of my days off don’t match W’s so I need to something to get me off the couch.

But that is the future. I don’t want to be superhuman strong and I still have a ton of tummy flab. But my ankles are svelter my butt is rounder (like it needs to be any rounder) and firmer. I was worried working out would lead to a loss of femininity but instead it exemplifies it.

Anyway, I know you were worried that I was turning into Madonna–all veiny and shit but don’t. Boxing is super sexy.



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