new goal….

I have a buying problem. I buy lots of little things here and there that eat up all my $. I have also been playing catch-up for being unemployed. These things+car payments+phone bill+student loans=Lea has very little $$$ despite earning a very competitive new grad salary.

I think if I didn’t spend so much $ on little things I wouldn’t be so stressed. I would also like to build up a bubble to cover expenses for a few months. SO my new goal is this: DO NOT BUY ANYTHING OTHER THAN NECESSATIES FOR 1 MONTH. I have scrubs, I have running shoes, I have dresses, I have heels. I do not need anything else! I am also saying NO to manicures and pedicures!

The only thing I am not sure about including is my long awaited trip to the Kspa. But you know what, I am including that too. I am not including my hair care—my 5 grays need to be covered.

I know you are thinking 1month? That isn’t hard. It will be very very hard for me. I LOVE buying things. I can do this.

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One thought on “new goal….

  1. yes you can; and there should be an app toshow hourly how much you save. it is so easy to fritter away…on the other hand, be gentle on yourself…

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