so angry npr….

So after leaving work cranky I listened to NPR in the car cranky. I expect a little more from NPR then (than?) other news outlets and they are saying ITS SUCH A TIGHT RACE between Obama and Romney.

BUT then they say that Obama is polling way ahead with women and hispanics [latinos]. Sooooo….

How do both of those stats work??? I am guessing they polled 50 white men and since thats split they said its a close race.

I know the news outlets really want this to be a close race to boost stats but come on. Its not close.

I wish they cited their polls and sampling population better instead of just throwing shit around. Because, truthfully–statistics can be reported in a way that makes them biased any way you want. I expect more of npr.

Sorry for my long absence. I have a very intense learning environment and some hard family stuff. I will be back but maybe not consistently for a bit.

Miss you!


One thought on “so angry npr….

  1. I bet I’m the “hard family stuff” …sorry about that… my dressing leaked (sound like a turkey) so went the urgency care last nigth where they checked for infection and then scrambled for something to stop the flow but stay in place and I came out wiht my belly in one of the accordian, white, tubes that specialty apples and pears come in. I lift up my skirts and I see a fruit. Everyone, even Ken likes my hair cut. I like it too. I need to go eat, suspected eating is key to recovery from this. The hospital was good in that regard, i could have all the cream ofo wheat i wanted 7-7, now I’m hooked on the stuff, with 1/2 & 1/2.

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