Things have been busy. I am learning lots and adjusting to working again. Last week was mainly admin stuff but this week we are getting into exciting things. Today was the second day of EKG class–let me tell you I know my EKGs and I LOVE learning more about them from my excellent educators. I am a nurising nerd.

I am also very excited to get my first REAL paycheck in 1.75 years on Friday.

However, I am still adjusting. Still stressed out most of the time (and I fully expect to be for the next long while why I try to be the safest new nurse possible), and still have issues sleeping.

I was okay for awhile but it comes and goes.

So, I am not sure if others struggle with this (I am sure lots do–man being an adult is hard sometimes) but this morning when I was so tired dragging myself to the train I listened to the first act of this episode of This American Life.

It never fails to make me laugh or turn my day bright–no matter how little sleep.


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