The job is good so far. A lot of learning already but not even the tip of the orientation iceberg. I am making friends with my 2 other fellow ICUers (did I mention I am an ICU nurse!).

More and more I like the health system I work for. That is another post.

Currently and for the next month or so I work a normal work week: 8hr days and 5 days a week. After that I  transition into a normal nurse week: 12 hr days and 3 days a week. Once I move to 12hr days I won’t be able to take mass transit but in the meantime its making my life an adventure. Here is my day.

Wake up at 5am and get dressed.drink a smoothie I made the night before.

Walk 5 blocks to the subway through early morning DTLA. Smile mildly at the other early risers and furrow my forehead at all the homeless sleeping along the street. Sad.

Catch the subway before 6am and ride it 3 stops (stops are longer in LA) to Union Station. THE Union Station in a bazillion movies–its gorgeous.

Get on the train around 615; leaves at 630. Put on my headphones and listen to an old episode of This American Life while trying to sleep. I need to bring sunglasses because the train lights are so bright. Don’t worry I set an alarm for my stop.

Get to my station around 7am.

Walk 1.5 miles to my hospital through suburban LA. Dawn surrounded by early morning hummingbirds, lizards and flowers all in gated yards, dirty LA river sluge tributaries, unfriendly busy streets, and weird strip malls.

Get to the hospital at 730 and check blogs/internet.

Orientation at 8am.

Leave the hospital 4-430.

Walk back.

Get to the station by 5.

Lay on a station bench listening to more This American Life and try not to talk to people. I am tired and there are some odd birds that ride the train all day (they don’t check tickets).

Catch the train at 530.

Get off at 6pm at Union Station.

Catch the subway by 610pm.

Get off by 620pm

RUN to boxing at 630. (I have skipped 2 days but promised myself the next 3 days).

Get home at 730.

In bed by 930. But I didn’t sleep more than 2 or 3 hours the first 2 nights. TOO EXCITED! TOO NERVOUS!

Okay- I know its not that bad but going from unemployment to this–sooo tired.


3 thoughts on “commuting….

  1. great story and amazing schedule and you’re awake during these hours anyway, may as well be riding mass transit and walking around LA gathering data as staring at walls…but exhausting so maybe you will start sleeping again soon…

  2. claire says:

    ditto what S said 🙂

  3. lmsanderswilcox says:

    Thanks guys!

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