Above is Reykjavik, Iceland. Such a good trip.

Things I am obsessing with:

1. Homemade Microwave Popcorn. I LOVE popcorn. Lately, I have been in a popcorn drought.  I don’t like making it on the stove cause it get super oily and ruins pans and we don’t have room for an air popper. I know I am late to the game but I just read this NY Times article and it blew my mind. You mean I don’t have to get chemicalsaltladen microwave popcorn??? I can make it myself in a paper bag for cheaper??? This is awesome.

2. Oregon Truffle Oil. For my popcorn. After reading reviews online I found out that most truffle oil is just chemicals in olive oil. I don’t care–I like the way it tastes and I NEED it for my abovementioned popcorn. To try nonchemical truffle oil and support my homestate Oregon I ordered this.

3. Frozen fruit and pineapple. Sometimes, after dinner, I really want dessert. Sometimes, before dinner, I really want dessert. This is hard because our building is surrounded by amazing dessert places (we live one block from a place called Syrup) that I am trying to leave for special occasions. However, we always have frozen fruit around because we are obsessed with morning smoothies (healthy, no sugar added meal replacements for me). Lately, if I am in treat mode I dig into the frozen pineapple. I grab a tiny bowl and eat it piece by piece–usually do half pineapple and half blue berries. Frozen pineapple (we get it from TJs) is super good.

4. Boxing. Still boxing at Gym Box. Sometimes I stay for 2 classes in a row and its fun but solidly kicks my ass. I took last night off because my thighs needed convalescing. We did a bunch of squats then squats combined with half squats. I also hurt my hand because I was punching enthusiastically and correctly but got tired and punched really hard and really wrong and hit my last knuckle (you should punch only with your first two knuckles). It hurt pretty fing bad but now its better.

5. I cut my hair off. My hair was awesome but I always wore it up so I decided to cut it off. I also will have a commute in the morning + 12 shift. Anything that cuts down getting ready time is awesome and leaves a great chance of getting 8hours of sleep. Short hair is easier. I am kind of obsessive about it too–I might go shorter. If I go shorter I would balance it out with lots of bright lipstick. One can never have enough bright lipstick.

6. Job. I am obsessed. I think about it all day and, too often, all night. I will be so happy when it starts on Monday. I just wish I could shut that part of my brain down until then and sleep more.


2 thoughts on “obsessions….

  1. wartica says:

    I’m right there with you on the frozen fruit:grapes , that are frozen, are some of the best tasting things I’ve ever tasted:) Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:)

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