normal fashion….

Have you been watching Garance Dore’s Pardon my French? She is so adorable and brings a sense of normal (?) to fashion weeks. Usually its all about celebrities and the unattainable but with these videos the clothes are great but its also fun times, meeting with friends and I particularly love her love of Margaritas.

I really wish I had her accent.

Another note. Remember that part in The Devil Wears Prada where Meryl Strep tears apart theĀ cerillium blue sweater? How it started from a high-fashion show and filtered down to a bargin basement purchase? That part always disturbed me because it lead to the thought that fashion is unattainable for the little people like me.

But its not.

Because before the high-end couture show that designer was inspired by something or someone. That someone or something is often a person who bought a bargin basement sweater and cut it or added something or wore it in some extreme way. Anyway–I just think its cyclical. So as much as I would love a $1000000K sweater–I would rather be the type of person who influences in the $.99 sweater. Not that I am….yet.


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