more friends….


W is gone this weekend and I decided not to go to the gym after two days of boxing because my arms don’t really work. I hurt but its more the lack of function that indicates a need to rest them…also I need to lighter on the bags–my wrist that I broke a couple years ago is hurting–not muscle but inside–like bone. I sprained my thumb later and the doctor said it was fine but I had more arthritis than normal for my age in my wrist and hand probably caused my the previous injury. Its important to be enthusiastic during exercise but also protective.

What big things did I accomplish today while W is away???

I drank massive amounts of coffee and limited water–just asking for a migraine.

So far I have watched 13+ hours of tv. Only 2 hours being quality: Rick Steve’s hidden Europe and an Episode of The Princess’s Man (TPM). TPM is my first historical kdrama and so far (ep 4/24) its pretty darn good. It was well reviewed by Dramabeans which is why I made a leap into historicals.

I made brownies–2 kinds. The microwave cup kind but the texture was rubbery so I DO NOT RECOMMEND microwave brownies. I also freestyled some baked brownies but I halved the flour and doubled the egg which DID NOT turn out well. I am a texture fiend and neither of these were ideal.

I also looked at places to live and cars to buy. These changes aren’t happening till the end of June but I like to do my research. Recommendations for cars? I had a Toyota Yaris that I loved and got 38-40mpg. I want something different but similar gas mileage without being hybrid. I am looking into used Mini Coopers (prob not), more likely the new Fiats, and curious about the Hyundai Velostar (looks like a shark and has 3 doors–pretty much right up my alley). Any recs are appreciated–oh I don’t do Fords. I am coming around to American cars but they were so craptastic for so long that I am still having a hard time. Fiat is owned by Chrysler (I think) now so thats pretty American. Go ECONOMY!

Tomorrow, as much as I love lazy days, I cannot be soooo lazy. I have too much to do. AND I am determined to make some friends here. Otherwise, ALL of my days will look like the above.


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