We started watching the Oscars last night but it was pretty blah and the dresses were blah-hasbeendoneoverandover-mermaid. So we stopped paying attention and I watched an old episode of Bones–LOVE THAT SHOW!

Sometimes, unlike the self-congratulatory Oscars, I fail to recognized I need attention. Even if I know I need attention, I am not good at being direct and have a hard time asking for attention. This is not cool.

Instead of saying ‘I need attention’ I let things fester. My crazyass-ex-stepmom was right with one thing: I bottle things up until I am a huge explosive volcano. My eruption (hee hee–that word is super funny) usually involves a lot of stomping and crying and shaking and shrills.

This happened yesterday. Instead of saying ‘W, I need some attention.’ I cried and stomped and had to put myself in a corner and read my book for a couple hours. It is not okay–there are bunch of endless things I am trying to work on and being direct is one of them.

Tears are pretty amazing things though–they rid your body of built up of hormones. That’s why its feels good to cry and its also pretty exhausting. Yep, I am pretty exhausted and calm now.

I cannot wait until I start working again. Can you tell I do not function well with unemployment?


One thought on “attention….

  1. lmsanderswilcox says:

    One thing I did think was HILARIOUS about the Oscars was Angelina’s awkward leg sticking out. SO FUNNY! Did you know her leg has a twitter account now??!/AngiesRightLeg

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