Before I begin I feel I should mention I just sucked mango margarita off my keyboard.

I feel with (uncounted) unemployment comes a lot of obsessions that otherwise may be put to the back burner. I am documenting them here.

1. Grocery Shopping I love it. There are three farmers markets (wed, thur, friday) all within 5 blocks of my house and Grand Central Market which is AH-MA-ZING (see Happy Endings). I love buying veggies and more veggies. I feel our loft is empty if we do not have a continuous supply of limes and lemons and.

2. Grapefruit I love it. I eat one a day–I don’t care if I get grapefruit sweats or whatever it is when you eat to much.

3. Avocado I love it. Fucking 47 cents each. INSANE!

4. The Los Angeles Flower Market I love it. I have banned myself from it otherwise I would go every day and though cheap I am (uncounted) unemployed. You know me but do you know that if I were rich and could just flush money like toilet paper I would open a flower shop? I love flowers. I love cut flowers because they exist only to be frivolously beautiful.

5. Gymbox LA I love it. Okay so I only joined last week so we have to see if this affair will last but I love how the owner and employees are SO BOXERS. This isn’t any aerobic kick boxing–which kicks my ass by itself–but REAL boxing with 150lb bags. They wrap your hands and then you put on gloves. Despite the gloves and wraps I still busted my knuckles open the first night. I also couldn’t walk for 4 days but that is besides the point. I hate working out unless it means  feeling like I am going to die and this gym follows that line. Plus a dude named BULLDOG wrapped my hands! A fighter named BULLDOG!!!!!

6. The Above Bowl I love it. It was my Great Aunt Mary’s. Its china but I looked up the brand and couldn’t find anything similar. At first I brought it home with me just because it seemed so much like her but now I am obsessed with it apart from her. I think it is the best thing I have ever seen. I constantly rearrange fruit in it or my orchid that I purchased at the flower market. I fucking love it.

7. DTLA I love it. W’s cowoker is a downtown LA (DTLA) expert. Like Phd expert, and he gave us an amazing tour full of hidden highlights. I love it. DTLA, both old and new, is so unique and holds so much to be seen. Do you realize that I live next to Skid Row–THE Skid Row. Its not like that but I am doing volunteer training at a women’s center on Skid Row about 10 blocks from my house and it runs essentially between there and where I live. It’s sad. Hard. But there are so many amazing individual things about LA that I did not know before–especially DTLA. I love it. If you visit I will take you on this (its a couple blocks from our house).

8. Cutting For Stone I love it. I am reading it. It is good and highly recommended. I want to start a book club–want to join?

9. My Lovely San Soon I love it. Upon the recommendation of Thu, who started my love for Kdramas, I started watching this show. It is awesome. Any show that starts with the main character getting drunk and being carried by the main dude then drunk peeing on the main dude is awesome. I highly recommend it. Also–as Reading Rainbow said–don’t take my word for it; HALF of Korea watched the final episode. HALF. That is a pipe dream for all other shows!!

10. Street food I love it. Growing up in the NW is pretty fucking idyllic but it offers innocence when it comes to street food. Wait, what about bougie PDX carts? No–those are essentially restaurants operating as carts for tax evasion purposes. I mean REAL street food. I mean CHEAP get-to-the-point-of-amazing street food. I mean Anthony Bourdain street food.  I mean the shack in the parking lot behind my building that sells CAFEconPAN for $1. Tacos are $1.50 and Tamles $1 each. I mean Philly cheesesteak delis where the owner knows your name, your dog, ALL you business and sandwiches are $5. I mean corn roasting on the sidewalk served with mayo and spices. I mean all the food we ate in Nicaragua, Mexico, and even Iceland. Next on the list (street-food wise) is Seoul. Man, the street food on kdramas looks AH-MA-ZING: chicken feet and pork skin–I have had both and freshly cooked on the sidewalk sounds fucking good.


4 thoughts on “obsession….

  1. I want to come see the bowl and eat the food but will wait until summer when it is really hot, as in LA hot…

  2. claire says:

    I love this. Need to come visit again 🙂

  3. lmsanderswilcox says:


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