good paleo….

Everybody’s facebook is different. W complains that his is full of babies. I get annoyed cause mine is full of Paleo.

Before people get mad, I don’t care one way or the other but I hate it filling up my facebook page–I would rather see photos of friends being awesome and even more baby pictures.

I found this on Good and I think it sums up exactly how I feel about it. It has no basis in evolutionary history but if it helps someone be healthy why not? Much like weightwatchers, gyms, swimming, vegetarianism (vegans are weird), ellipticals, running, etc. helps others.

I do want to say one thing I like about Paleo. It helps people gain control of their health and emphasizes preventative care. Though I have no plans on giving up bread and beans and MILK IN MY COFFEE (the thought horrifies me), I love anything that helps people understand they own their health. I think that is a huge, major, almost unsurmountable problem with our healthcare system and anything that reverses it is a good thing.


2 thoughts on “good paleo….

  1. Violet says:

    Great post. I JUST read this post yesterday on a similar topic (no evolutionary basis for Paleo Diet):

    At this point, I just use the term “paleo” because its easier to say than “I eat meat from high quality animals, vegetables, some fruit, and naturally occuring fats. Instead of getting carbohydrates from relatively low nutrient sources like bread or other grains, I choose high nutrient sources like vegetables.” Kind of a mouthful, and if someone said that to me, I’d probably punch them in the face out of annoyance.

    But yes, I agree, its not that this way of eating is THE BEST/ONLY way, its just that the way I was eating before was REALLY BAD (tons of sugar, processed crap, etc.). Jealous your FB feed is all Paleo…how do you get it to do that? 🙂

  2. lmsanderswilcox says:

    Its annoying. I don’t talk about my eating habits on FB. I talk about a guy named Bulldog wrapping my hands at boxing which I think is hilarious–and if others don’t think so I hope I was blocked. Honestly, I assume most people blocked my status updates a long time ago–I can get annoying.

    I have decided to make my own diet called the Don’t Eat Crap unless its Fun/Stick it to the Man Diet. It consists of eating healthy and making everything myself unless it is an occasional local (or Starbucks–they provide health insurance to their employees) croissant or other awesome pastry.

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