Do you know that since I quit my job to go to school but am now unemployed that I don’t count in unemployment statistics? I think thats right but correct me if I am wrong. I think some experts (not sure where I heard this) say that unemployment is 9% its really around 15%. That seems pretty bad.

So I am unemployed. No health insurance. I hope that changes soon. It reminds me of when I was in college to age 26ish when I also had no insurance and when I used Planned Parenthood as my healthcare. I know I know–I am trying to stay nonpolitical on the internet but there are some things I can’t shut up about: human rights (whether race, gender, or sexual orientation–we are all the same and should be equally allowed to do whatever consenting humans can do), healthcare, and the environment. This is healthcare.

Sure–I gave them $$ when I went but nowhere near actual costs of prescriptions, labs, exams. I have to say, from my experience, they were the best lady-part/std screening care I have ever had. They would be very blunt with me–like statistically I didn’t need to get tested for HIV but I did anyway and they liked that. They knew that maigraines and estrogen based birth control are a no-no (some docs don’t). The gave me condoms and Plan B. They took care of me.

So Susan G. Komen is going to be Qwikster if they don’t watch out. Planned Parenthood stepped in for me and many others who have struggled through these depressed economic times–we don’t like it when you fuck with our support! We may ignore your tea parties and your crazy nominees but when you start touching my home, my organization. I get pissed.

There are a lot of us too. Have you used Planned Parenthood?

In the waiting rooms of Planned Parenthood there is usually a journal. It is so people waiting can anonymously write whatever they want. I have written in and read those journals. The stories in them can break your heart. The patients at Planned Parenthood are facing tough times combined with hard experiences and Planned Parenthood is one of a few organizations that stand up and take care of them no matter what it is, no judgement passed. That is how healthcare should be.

I just needed to say that. And as I said on FB–Planned Parenthood taught me how to feel up my boobs the right way and that is how most breast cancer is caught. So Susan G. Komen foundation–please rethink your decision.



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