words with friends….

I am playing it. You can easily guess my user name if you want to play me.

I have questions but not about that.

How do you feel about Nepotism? Is that too strong a word. Let me explain.

The job hunt sucks in LA–I love it here but that end sucks. Pretty much the only way to get into a new nursing position is by knowing someone. Maybe if you ware super awesome as well (I am working on that end since I know only a few people).

How do you feel about this? I think part of it is fair–since someone can vouch for you have something extra that says this new hire is not a douche. Honestly, I have gotten most of my graphic design positions this way. But on the other hand what if you are skipping some great hires [ME] for someone who is not so ho-hum .

Anyway–these are my thoughts. LA is a great place to be. I will share that maybe when things are not so stressful and when I have my camera out with me.


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