my dress doesn’t cover a stadium….

Before Bjork.

Before Bjork.

I have been out and about with friends, with Macy’s shoes, and with kdrama. Kdrama is super hard (and I proud to say my neice is totally addicted as of last night!) because you really think ‘wow my life doesn’t have enough kdrama experiences–no one has ever kidnapped me and given me a makeover! my life has never been saved by Lee Min Ho (the City Hunter and Jin Pyo–heart throbs!)!!!’

But I got to thinking while slinging shoes the other day. Those who know me know I am a pretty mellow-at-first-with-tons-of-emotion-boiling-under-the-surface-kindof-gal; I have had lots of kdrama in my life! I even made a top 10 Lea Kdrama life experiences. Trust me there has been magic, love from tragedy, heartache, crush resolution, and long lost loves coming back! Granted these experiences have not all revolved around my leading man W but I would say the top 3 are, which is pretty good considering this is real life. Despite hope of the few who know (the cool club of those who watch) KDRAMAS are NOT real! Anyway—here is my #1 Kdrama love life experience.

1. Kdramas always have a romantic night that you dream of. Mine most romantice night/date ever happened in Iceland with W. It was magic and fairly simple. We went and saw Bjork.

Almost everyone knows who Bjork is but I feel like some Americans do not understand how insanely amazing and famous she is. You may or may not like the music but HER DRESS COVERED A STADIUM AND ALL THE OLYMPIC ATHLETES! She is the only one EVER who can say that. I love her and count her as one of my heros–every show she plays ‘Declare Independence’ and dedicates it to a group that is struggling,making her enemy number 1 to countries like, for instance, China when she dedicated it to Tibet.

So while in Iceland I got to see China’s enemy #1 in concert with only around 200 people, courtesy of Wesley who actually enjoyed the performance as well….so you see how this night was obviously up there to start.

Before Bjork we went to dinner at a random restaurant. I got the fancy chefs menu and it was AMAZING–the best dinner I have ever had and I have had some pretty good dinners. The chef made a fancy creme brulee and it had all this shaved mint ice and foam and fancy crap. Usually I am not game for fancy crap and prefer simple but this was AMAZING!!!

So Bjork, Iceland, Best dinner EVER…soooo magical kdrama. BUT its not over!!!! We went for a drink and a walk after Bjork and I was bemoaning not seeing the northern lights. After reading Philip Pullman’s triology (better than Harry Potter!!!)I have a very very soft spot in my heart for the northern lights [thin spot between universes in the books]. However I have never seen them despite going to AK once or twice.

So we were standing on a knoll in the middle of Reykjavik and as soon as I stopped whining about it the northern lights splashed across the sky. I was unbelievably and very rare because it wasn’t insanely cold yet. Our bus driver the next day said it was the best show of the last 20 years. Of course we had to have that magical kdrama kiss while under such an amazing sky.

It was the most magical kdrama night/date ever and I got to have it with W. I am one lucky heroine.

Below is the only picture I have that you can kindof see the lights.


One thought on “my dress doesn’t cover a stadium….

  1. Susan says:

    you are a k-drama queen…

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